How much do you work

  1. Based on the "nurse : patient ratio" thread I would like to know how much other nurses work? how many hours a week? And if you would like to share the information... for how much?

    Personally I have an average of 35,5 hours a week, and 2 or 3 extra shifts per month.
    That earns me about 51200 US dollars a year - 1 dollar = 6 Kroner, gives me 310000 kroner a year
    I dont know how much an average nurse salery is in the US, but I have heard you do a lot better than that...
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    I am from Europe also - southeast Europe - and your question is very interesting. Must say that your salary is SF movie to me and ICU nurses in my country. Just like Star wars sentence - " galaksy far, far away..." Maybe you are princese Leia or unknow Skywalker! Sorry, sorry, joke.:chuckle

    I have an average of 40 - 50 h per week, sometimes over 50h. My salary is about 800 $ per month or 10000 $ a year maximum. Of course, we works with swans, picco, iabp, ventilators and other usual ICU equipment. Unbeliveble, isn`t it! But, thats our reality.

    So if your hospital want a few skilled ICU nurse, just call!! We are ready for lightspeed! May the force be with you, young Vikingwalker!!
  4. by   gwenith
    Hard to compare salaries as cost of living is soooo different but here in Queensland Australia our salary is:

    Salary between $36 815 - $49 583 p.a. or salary rates: $18.56 - $25.00 p.h. (p/t) or $22.83 - $30.75 p.h. (casual)

    We have a 38 hour week full time with 6 weeks holiday and 10 days sick leave per day.

    Clinical nurses get

    Remuneration value up to $61 642 p.a., comprising salary between $50 431 - $54 026 p.a., employer contribution to superannuation (up to 12.75%) and annual leave loading (17.5%)