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I am a new grad new ICU nurse and in the middle of orientation. Any good comebacks for mean/disrespectful docs that I can tuck away in my already full brain? I want some direct but respectful ways... Read More

  1. by   lifeLONGstudent
    just to clarify -- I know that the more experienced nurses KNOW what they are talking about. They don't ask near the number of ?s that I ask because they know the answers and have a ton of experience. Chances are, if they are questioning the docs, there is a really good reason.....and the docs tend to perk up because these nurses have saved their arse more than once. Plus I am at a teaching hospital, so ya gotta take this into consideration also.

    When I am sleep deprived, I don't process things correct. This can happen on both the sender and receiver's end of the messages.... The docs keep crazy schedules, and we all bust our tails.... everyone has a bit of sleep deprivation (at times).

    Sorry if what I wrote sounded confrontational. It wasn't meant that way,
  2. by   aquaphoneRN
    What was written in the original message doesn't sound hostile, but the title "doctor comebacks" sounds confrontational.

    However, if I had read the original message more carefully, I wouldn't have said anyone had an attitude, so I apologize.

    Besides, it's a great issue, how to deal with the unprofessional behavior of others.

    I think just the fact that you are looking for solutions and are willing to cut others slack means you're going to handle things well.
  3. by   RN1263
    Quote from traumaRUs
    I'm a mean old woman, so a withering look usually does the trick - lol.
  4. by   cowboyRN
    Just relax and enjoy the docs. There is no reason to go head to head with them. If you are easily intimidated, maybe research is a better direction for you to be heading. No reason to put doctors on a pedistal and think they need to be "handled". 99% of the time if you are confident in what you are doing, and can hold an inteligible conversation, they will leave you alone. Most the docs I know are happy to have a nurse taking care of their patients that is confident and can handle a situaiton without stressing out. If you tend to your skill levels and expertise, you will command the respect of those around you without having to resort to silly one liners and antics.
  5. by   Bethy-lynn
    While being respectful is always he best policy (i.e. the ol' please don't speak to me that way, walking away, etc...), I personally am a big fan of "Do you need a hug?", sometimes preempted by "my, you're fussy today...". :trout:
  6. by   jemommyRN
    Quote from Bethy-lynn
    While being respectful is always he best policy (i.e. the ol' please don't speak to me that way, walking away, etc...), I personally am a big fan of "Do you need a hug?", sometimes preempted by "my, you're fussy today...". :trout:
    This is funny, and I'm sure it lightens the mood.
  7. by   Colorado Kid
    I agree with THE LOOK. When you look a person square in the eye, it forces their humanity to come to the surface!
  8. by   christen13
    I have found that the most effective way to deal with this is to appeal their inflated ego's.
    "help me understand........ " Is always a good choice.
    "What do you think about .."
    "I value your opionon......"
    We are the pt's advocate...ears, eyes and VOICE. Getting angry and challenging will only put the MD on the defense and will not help your patient.
    Remember why we are their..........not to inflate our own ego's , or to be "right" in the situation, rather to help our patients. We are responsible for THEM.
  9. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    This is how you deal with them - slap them :angryfire lol
  10. by   RYNOBLASTER30
    Quote from Higuchem
    Keeping the peace is key but it that is not possible then its time to talk to head nurse of your unit.

    When I disagree with a doctor I and need to confront the doctor I typically start my say "Help me to understand .........." I use this when I disagree or not sure why they are giving them drug that may be harmful to the pt.
    Just another nurse trying to play doctor.
  11. by   RYNOBLASTER30
    Hey, go to a teaching facility. You rarely see that type of inappropriate behavior. The type normally comes from older physicians, not new and younger ones. Just remember, they are made that they are getting older and might die soon. And hopefully, they will be in your care where you can get a little payback.
  12. by   AfloydRN
    Just suck it up. Making them angry marks yourself for the future and it's not worth it. If they say something totally of the wall I usually say I'm sorry were you talking to me?
  13. by   Silentfoster
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