Day or Night?

  1. I graduated in May, and went straight to ACCU; I worked 12 hour days for orientation and then went to nights. We have a team of Intensivists, one of which is on the unit from about 0700 to 1900 or so; we do rounds at 0900 during which the nurses present. My question is this; do you think that days or nights are a better learning experience? I know opinions will vary, but it seems like nights are different because you don't "travel" with patients, there are fewer visitors, and you do have to think on your feet somewhat b/c there's not a doc there; days, however, you are busy-visitors, travelling, phones, etc; but you also have a chance to take action-get an order, follow up on a hunch-on nights you don't call a doc just for anything, it generally has to be a major issue; low b/p, hig b/p, cardic issues, etc----so what's your opinion?
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  3. by   burn out
    After working night shift in ICU for 18 years I finally transferred to day shift 3 years ago. I stayed on night shift for the same reasons that you mentioned, less visitors around, little travelling to other dept.s, having to think more independtly because there is no doctors around , and making sure that when I called the doctor I knew what I wanted an order for. I have found that on day shift there is not as much time to think and many actions are now reflexes-reflexes that I would not have if I had not had the time on night shift to learn them.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    it's the rare new grad who has the choice of going to day shift, unless you're meaning rotating! stay on nights until you have a firm grasp on what's going on with the patients, why they're on the meds they're on, how to titrate the drips, etc. during the day shift there isn't going to be a whole lot of time to stop and look things up!
  5. by   acebsn05
    After reading Ruby Vee's message, I all of a sudden do not feel as anxious about starting my first nursing job. Thank you. I have been incessantly worried about how much I will not learn working night shift. It seems to be the contrary.