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I work night shift, M-F in a 6 bed ICU/CCU. Been straight nights since November. Worked at this place since last Feb. We have a new nurse who's been an RN for awhile and worked nights for 16 yrs. ... Read More

  1. by   dorie43rn
    This has been a touchy subject in our unit also, especially with a new aide who thinks the patients should all be bathed on nightshift. On afternoon, or midnight shift, we go around together and bathe the vented or sedated patients. Alert and oriented patients get their "set up" in the morning. If its busy at night, and they don't get done, to bad. Bathing is not a first priority. Our aides get nasty on the daylight shift if you don't set your patient up. God forbid I have meds, assessments, new orders etc to do. Again, bathing is not my first priority. Pateints need their rest to heal properly, what the heck is the fuss about getting baths done? Lazy aides I say.

  2. by   AliRae
    I just found this thread, and I have to admit, I'm shocked. The subject of baths has never once come up on our unit. We do them on days, and if we don't get to it, we pass it along in report. A couple of our babies who've been with us for months are night-time baths, just because they usually get paired with busier kids during the day.

    I honestly did not know that this was an issue on other units. I should go count my lucky stars, I guess!