Asthma Attack ?

  1. Was studying for my CCRN once again, using the "Pass CCRN" book. It stated that the K and Mg levels can drop during an acute asthma attack. I was wondering if anyone knew why this would occur.
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  3. by   PJMommy
    Not sure if this is correct but here's a guess as to the hypokalemia (not sure on the mag though):

    Body's release of catecholamines causes stimulation of Na/K pump and K uptake by cells is increased (basically a cellular shift). Similar transient hypokalemia can happen with any acute insult like an MI or head injury. I think (?) the beta-2 agonists we throw at acute asthma are particularly good (bad?) for stimulating the Na/K pump.

    Now...I'll be curious to see what your other responses are like and whether or not I'm even close to the correct answer. By the way, I also have PASS CCRN and love the book. When are you testing?
  4. by   KR
    Thanks for the insight Not sure on when I am taking the CCRN test yet. My study plan is to read and take notes on the "pass ccrn" book cover to cover. I have read 285/740ish pages so it will be a while. I figure at the latest by the end of this year. How about you?
    Thanks again!