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    I will be graduating Dec 7, I was offered, and accepted an ICU position at a large teaching hospital in Los Angeles. While I wait for the critical care training program to begin (February), the Director of critical care offered me the choice of orienting, as soon as I graduate, in Telemetry (until february when the training program begins). Do you think this is a good idea or pretty much pointless to orient to telemetry if I am only going to be on that unit for a month. Let me know what you all think. I'd really appreciate it.
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  3. by   TEXASWAG
    Well, I say any experience is good experience. You'll also have extra time to learn more time management and use critical thinking on any type of floor. You'll be able to improve your clinical skills and learn how to prioritize patient care. After graduation, I oriented to a telemetry floor. I had an excellent preceptor. Many ICU patients were transfered to tele and I met a lot of ICU nurses. Sometimes I even floated to ICU. I went through an ICU internship after one year of being a tele nurse.

    I say go for it. You will get to see procedures and perform skills such as inserting IV's and nasogastric tubes with ease. Plus, you will be getting paid as an RN even before passing boards! I can remember after being a student and making $6.50/hr, I was excited about my pay increase which at the time new grads were making $13.63/hr back in 1999. Good luck. I'm sure you will do well.
  4. by   BadBird
    I think you are being offered an excellent opportunity to learn. Telemetry skills are invaluable, all ICU patients on on cardiac monitory and believe me it will take more than a month to become familiar and proficient with cardiac arrythmias. You will also learn many medications and assessment skills that are necessary. It will also give you a chance to become familiar with the facilities computer system, paper work, learn you way around to CT, MRI, etc... You will become familiary with physicians too, so when you do transfer to ICU you won't feel quite as green and will probably be a little more relaxed which will help in absorbing the many new skills and assessments you will be taught. Good luck.
  5. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Just make sure that they don't take the tele orientation time out of your ICU orientation time if you need it.
  6. by   Vsummer1
    Sounds great to me! That way you have time to learn the hospital's way of doing things.

    UCLA??? Where did you go to school?
  7. by   nec
    I did the same thing and I feel it helped me learn rythm strips first and foremost this is very imp. in the ICU and learning diff rythms takes alot of time but this should help you get your feet wet , I have been an ICU nurse for two years and I had a good year tele experience , it helped me I hope it helps you good luck NEC