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Microbiology 2460 - 3/25/13 start date - anyone taking this?


Just wondering if anyone out there is currently taking this class? If so how are you doing? I am a bit frustrated with this class. I missed a few questions on the first 2 quizzes and even after reviewing on my own, I still couldn't resolve what the correct response should have been. I sent an email asking for feedback on where to find the correct responses. At first I was advised that I needed to find the correct answers on my own. I then replied back with page numbers and quotes that I felt supported the answers I gave and again asked for insight on the correct answers. I was told it may "take a while" to get me that information. We are now finishing week 3 and my requests from week 1 and 2 still being ignored. Now, as of Friday, the professor is out on a leave of absence. So I will probably never get the feedback I requested on the first 2 quizzes. I just believe knowing where you made mistakes will help you avoid those same mistakes in the future. I am not arguing the validity of the answers just trying to get help to understand the correct responses - seems reasonable to me!

Done venting now....sorry!

If you have the same instructor I did, I felt like she searched the far corners of the text to pull test questions from. That she was more interested in stumping the students than reinforcing the important concepts of Micro. I also was very frustrated with the lack of response from her and the coach. I never knew what questions I missed.

But now that you have seen how she tests, you can adjust and prepare for the next test. This class is do-able. You can pull this together with or without your professor.

Hey Malorymug, thanks for the feedback. I can't believe the lack of communication! It is very unprofessional. On a couple of questions I clearly was able to figure out that I just misread the question - I think it was timed test anxiety. So just being aware of that has helped. Let me vent just a bit more the quizzes are so sloppy - misspelled words, different fonts and sizes, odd spacing - just randomness - I don't know if it is a trick to see if you are paying attention or just a lack of professionalism. Also, the page numbers referenced for the reading assignments in the labs are incorrect, just sloppy! I currently have a B but with the competitiveness of the program, really want that A!

Ok, maybe now I'm done venting, ha!

Oh yes, definitely the same instructor. I cannot believe the weird fonts and typos. It really is disrespectful to have so many mistakes. I bet you can pull off an A now that you know what to expect. I think I just squeaked one out, but I was on the edge the whole 8 weeks.

Is there more than one Micro professor for the online class - I am taking it next Fall? I am feeling like my A&P prof is a very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful professor but that she does try to make trick questions on the exams and asks things that we either don't cover or says we don't need to know. I too am feeling frustrated getting by with a B but wanting to get an A and not sure if I will be able too even though I am studying my rear end off. I am looking forward to Micro, but hope I can avoid unprofessional instructors!!!

TWiersch, I looked at the schedule for Summer and Fall because I was seriously thinking about dropping and trying with a different professor. Unfortunately, I did see any other instructors for the online class.

Bummer! Good luck!