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Has anyone taken BIOL 2420 (Microbiology) at Richland College in Dallas? I'm taking that class now with Professor ***** and wanted to see if anyone had any insight into this class at Richland?

Thanks in advance.


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My :twocents: ...Richaland College is a great school for getting pre-reqs done....I took that class in the summer term back in 2006. A very demanding class for a summer term, but was fun too...I made a 'C' was really close to a 'B', thinking back I would probably have made that 'B' if I had taken the class in a regular semester. I dont remember the instuctors name though...best of luck in the class. Like most science classes, you have to stay on top of your studies, and dont be afraid to ask questions if in doubt....ASK THE INSTUCTOR--not another student, not saying a classmate won't have the right answer, but an instuctor can give you more information surrounding your question which can answer many questions at the same time. I was always asked questions during class and people would tell me "thank you for asking those questions, I was lost too" but they were afraid to ask.


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I'm taking Micro there this semester, so no idea yet. I've found comments in "ratemyprofessors" to be usually very accurate. Did you check there? :)


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Hey, I just finished this same class (same prof too)... overall, he was a great professor. I took it over the summer, Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:40pm-10:30pm so I expected to be drained! I was (especially because this was not my only summer course) but Prof ***** definitely helped make the course more bearable. At times he was difficult to understand and he did change the course requirements on us a few times, but I ended up with an A :) Hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions! It's pretty fresh in my mind so I'm happy to help.


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Does anyone have any suggestions about who to take at Richland for BIOL 2420?

I plan on taking it this summer, but I was wondering who to avoid and who might make the class understandable.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I know we can't post names to these threads, maybe a PM, or a previous semester class that can still be accessed through the schedule tab in econnect.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I'll send you a PM