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I am going crazy posting all the questions i come across while studying for pathophysiology.... :yawn: .... if anyone can help me out please reply with all that you know. Some questions may seem "stupid" so don't hate on me if so.... when someone explains it in their own words, it seems to sink in a whole lot better......

okay all you smarty pants out there,

EXPLAIN contagious to me. Why can we get the flu over and over again? Is it because everytime it is a different type of influenza?

How long after taking an antibiotic are you no longer contagious?

And Why?

If you dont take any antibiotic, are you still contagious?

What if you take over the counter meds like theraflu or something like this? Still contagious?


I had this in micro but deffinatley need to go get them notes out and go back over it.....!

uhhhhh....nursing is SO much info!



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My understanding of microbio is very general but I hope this helps.

For a disease to be contagious, it has to have the capacity of being transmitted (for example to another person). Transmission comes in different forms (i.e. airborne, bloodborne, etc.). Influenza can be contracted over and over again because the virus constantly mutates. The flu coming around last year is a different strain from this year. This is why flu vaccine is given every year.

I don't think taking antibiotic will make you not contagious. I remember that there's a cycle we refer to when talking about contracting disease and I forget which phase you're more likely to be contagious. But I don't think taking medications (otc or prescription) will make you less contagious. It will just help you fight the disease.



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Thank you so much! that made it a lot easier to understand. and thats why we get flu vaccines every year!




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You're welcome! Glad I could help. Explaining concepts to someone else helps me remember and understand!