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i am officially done! we took our final last night. my average for the class was 99, so my nursing gpa is 4.0! let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that i can keep it up!

i have 2 weeks of vacation, before the fall semester begins. my dh (darling and/or devoted husband) and i are going to new york city to watch the mets beat san francisco (we hope!)

where are y'all going or where have y'all been this summer vacation?

wanna B an RN

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Overall, what did you think of the class? Would you recomend taking it during summer session, or is it better to stick to a regular semester? Thanks for any info.:)

moni rn

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taking micro in the summer is very difficult, just because it is a lot to learn in a short period of time. however, it can be done! if you have the time and determination, you can do it!

i hope that i helped! :)


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Hi, I have 2 weeks left for Micro and I absolutely love it. Our class average is 85- I think we're all doing really well because the info is turned over so fast and we have a terrific teacher. I would recommend it-you go thru a lot but you're done in 6 weeks.:)


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I was soo happy when my micro class ended sophmore year, i hated that class! Class wasnt bad, but lab smelled really really bad!

I plan to basically veg out the rest of the summer, classes start on the 27th, so i am just starting my readings (try to get ahead, and stay ahead). Working on my NCLEX books too... 2 semesters of college left! The longest 4 years of my life!

Good luck to everyone!


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