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Micro is over!!! :)


i am officially done! we took our final last night. my average for the class was 99, so my nursing gpa is 4.0! let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that i can keep it up!

i have 2 weeks of vacation, before the fall semester begins. my dh (darling and/or devoted husband) and i are going to new york city to watch the mets beat san francisco (we hope!)

where are y'all going or where have y'all been this summer vacation?

Overall, what did you think of the class? Would you recomend taking it during summer session, or is it better to stick to a regular semester? Thanks for any info.:)

taking micro in the summer is very difficult, just because it is a lot to learn in a short period of time. however, it can be done! if you have the time and determination, you can do it!

i hope that i helped! :)

Hi, I have 2 weeks left for Micro and I absolutely love it. Our class average is 85- I think we're all doing really well because the info is turned over so fast and we have a terrific teacher. I would recommend it-you go thru a lot but you're done in 6 weeks.:)

I was soo happy when my micro class ended sophmore year, i hated that class! Class wasnt bad, but lab smelled really really bad!

I plan to basically veg out the rest of the summer, classes start on the 27th, so i am just starting my readings (try to get ahead, and stay ahead). Working on my NCLEX books too... 2 semesters of college left! The longest 4 years of my life!

Good luck to everyone!


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