Volunteering in hospitals

  1. For those of you who has or is currently volunteering, what was your experience like? What did you do? What did you personally get out of it? Lately, I've been thinking about doing some volunteer work and I was curious as to hear people's personal experiences.

    Thanks for your responses!
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  3. by   ejcl68
    Hi, I have volunteered for the past year and really like it. For me, I really wanted to see how I would like being in a hospital before I start nursing school. I found I loved being with the patients and I really enjoy working there. There is a limit to what volunteers can do but it's good experience. Plus, it looks good on a resume or for nursing school applications. It's good to give back so it's all good. Good luck to you and you won't regret it. I only do one day a week so the time commitment is not much.
  4. by   Despareux
    Hi. I know this is an old post, but it came up during a search. I volunteer 1 day/wk in the E.R. I have learned so much. I did it because I'm a bit slow to warm up to new environments and thought this would be a great way to learn how to talk with those who are ill, which I think can be difficult sometimes--it's getting easier.

    I have seen some really sad things, some close calls, and have even wondered why certain people even go to the E.R. for their maladies.

    I enjoy it and would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting a medical environment experience.
  5. by   RNstdntSVSU
    I volunteered at Henry Ford Macomb for two years in the ER. I loved every second of it. It made me certian that I wanted to be a nurse. I highly recommend volunteering. Do it at HFMH if you can, just stay away from Beaumont. They treat their volunteers crappy.
  6. by   ejcl68
    I will have to disagree with the above poster - I volunteered at Beaumont for a year and I was treated great. I loved my experience and would recommend this or any hospital to volunteer, No problems whatsoever. I felt my reward was the happiness on the patients faces and to be honest, I had little contact with Beaumont staff. They left me alone since I did my job well and they weren't paying me so I could walk anytime I wanted.