U of M, if you work there how did you get in?

  1. hi there!
    i just wanted to know if anyone here works at u of m hospital and how much exp you had when you were hired.
    i am a grad of macomb community college, and knew i wanted to work nicu. well needless to say with the job market in michigan it wasnt going to happen. thus, i launched a nationwide search for a nicu job to gain experience. i got a few offers and now have worked for 4 months at another university-teaching hospital (magnet too) in their level iii nicu ! i love it and though i hate to be away from home, i know this will pay off in the end.

    my dream would be to work in the holden nicu at u of m...i plan to work my current job atleast 1.5 years for decent experience and to give them service back for orienting me (though i have no contract). does anyone know how hard it is get in to work at u of m? how much experience did you have when you were hired? also, what can i do to make myself stand out to them or make myself more appealing? i will have nrp, s.t.a.b.l.e and bls...but do they require acls and pals? thanks for any info...i miss you michigan!!!!
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  3. by   LoveANurse09
    Hey I think I remember reading your posts when you were applying and deciding which job to take! I am trying too and its hard! Their HR is like a stone wall! There are many peds positions now if that will help get you closer to NICU. UMjobs.com Good Luck!
  4. by   jt101
    I don't work at UfM, but all my clinical's are there. I have asked many nurses how they got the job and most of them just applied online. they have recently started hiring more aggressively, so hopefully you'll succeed. Good luck.
  5. by   rsteck
    I know your post is from a while ago, but I am curious if you got into Holden and how you like it. I have 6 years nursing experience in a level III NICU and am looking around for something new. U of M is a little intimidating to me so I am trying to connect with someone who works there to get some insight. Thanks for any input.

  6. by   jacks76
    I work at the U! I started in Nov '09. I'm so glad I got in when I did! I love it there. Unfortunately, there is a hospital-wide hiring freeze right now

    My best advice, just keep trying...they had been on a hiring freeze for awhile before I got hired in '09. It seems to go in spurts. They are building a brand new Children's hospital right now, so hopefully it won't last too much longer. When they do start accepting outside applicants, you will have better chances since you have experience too. Good luck!!

    GO BLUE!!