Trinity-Healthcare vs U of M?

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    Can anyone tell me about the Trinity hospitals? I'm considering employment with St Joseph-Mercy in Ann Arbor, and am also considering the U of M-- but I hear the U of M is more of a "transient" hospital-- people coming and going--higher turnover and worst of all-- I hear they utilize "mandatory overtime" quite often! (U of M, that is..) On the flipside, I heard that trinity avoids that as much as possible, and the Nurse Manager for the unit I am considering told me that she has not had to use mandatory OT in over 3 years. Pay seems comparable between the two hospitals, and U of M is unionized, which on the surface seems like a good thing, but as far as I can tell, the Union and university are currently working on ratifying their contract, and who knows what could happen in the near future? Being from FL, I've never been part of a union, but I've always supported the idea of collective bargaining. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks!
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  3. by   marcieg
    I live here in Ann Arbor, and I don't work at either, but I do work with a lot of RN's ( I am still a student) and what I have heard since I have lived here is that if you need major techinical things done, like transplants, etc, go to U of M, if you need more personal care, go to St. Joe's. Both have great reputations. There are smaller hospitals all over too, Chelsea, Garden City, lots of options.
  4. by   rjflyn
    Having just left U of M the higher turn over is mostly a symptom of the volume of patients seen and the number of places to work. Also the number of hospitals in the general Detroit/Ann Arbor area gives one a lot of choice. We had people that drove 2 hours to work one way. ALot of them didnt have jobs at the hospital near where they lived in a specialty they chose to work so the came there. Then when something they want opens near home they leave. As far as mandatory over time dont worry to much about it. They typically have enough volunteers to fill any holes. Also by contract you can only be mandated 16 hrs in a 4 week period of time. Also the new contract was ratiffied back in September or October. The wages are some of the highest in the state. The insurance and retirement are both very hard to beat.


    by the way I left to travel nurse to be closer to family
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    I work at St. Joe's in Howell, which is part of the Ann Arbor hospital. I am currently in school and I am trying to get into U of M. St. Joe's is a good hospital, but I think that you may be able to go further with your career at the U. Also, if you plan on furthering your education I hear the U offers 75% reimbursment. St. Joe's only offers $1200 per year. I have 3 years in at St. Joe's and I am willing to give it up to go to the U. Hope this helps
  6. by   Sirena922
    So when you work for U of M, you are only able to work 16 hrs overtime in a 4 week period?
  7. by   rjflyn
    NO NO it's the amount they can require you to work. Once you work 16 hrs overtime- overtime being over appointment in UofM's case- since you are technically an appointed government employee. If you want to work more you can, last I knew most departments had plenty to go around.


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    So when you work for U of M, you are only able to work 16 hrs overtime in a 4 week period?
  8. by   annarborGUYRN
    Hi. I have worked at St.Joes for five years and UM for 1. UM depends on the unit you decide to take a position on. I work Trauma/Burn ICU and it's a great place. Younger crowd, fairly high acuity and very well staffed(RNt ratio). St. Joes is a more friendly "home like" enviornment. People are happy and happy where they are in life. Not much mobility within the institution. UM is said to have a "high turnover" but there are endless opportunities within the institution that people move to so the average stay as a staff RN is much less than at St. Joes. Biggest downfall of UM...holidays are seniority based. Depending of which unit you work, plan on two years of my schedule this year (Fourth of July,Thanksgiving and the day after,christmas day). Because holidays are seniority based turnover isn't all that bad!! Good luck. Ann Arbor is a great place to work and live!