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Hi, has any one ever gone to this school, if so any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Also, do they have an evening lpn program. Everytime I call, all I ever get is a recording.... Read More

  1. by   sunflower777
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    @sunflower777...Im in the process of turning my application in within the next week or so. My question is did TSPN say anything about how many seats they still had available. Also do you know of where I can go to get my background check done cheaper...btw I live in Michigan. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
    Hi there hopefulnurse25!!

    Yes!!..I turned in my application for March 2012. At first I was going to shoot for January 2012 but I'm moving from Grand Rapids, MI and January is right around the corner. When I dropped off my application packet at the school (man I had to make a special trip that day to do all the testing) , I had been keeping in touch with Jane (very, very nice lady) she had asked if I wanted to start in January because right now it was sort of full and filling up fast. I didn't want to start that soon anyways as I still have to look for a job up there. In the same conversation she did ask if I took my any of my tests (background and drug testing) told her that is why I came up there is to take care of that. She recommend that i take the background check with the Toledo Public Schools as they only do them for $46.00 vs. $85.00!! that was a huge savings and I had gas money to get me back home! The location for the drug testing (at the hospital) and the background check was literrally 2 minutes away from the school. It was not hard to find. When you drop off your packet, I'm pretty sure Jane will be there to answer any questions! Everyone in Toledo is soooo nice! Good luck to you! hopefully I will run into you
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    Hey girls! I was thinking about going to school there and im movn from illinois, do any of you have any info i can use? Or whats the website?
  3. by   sunflower777
    Quote from NURSEDEEVA
    Hey girls! I was thinking about going to school there and im movn from illinois, do any of you have any info i can use? Or whats the website?

    Here it is!....

    Good Luck to you!
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    Hi Sunflower777,

    I see you are just starting the school. How is it so far? I am looking to start school there also but can you please tell me what do I have to do to get started with the packet and everything and can you tell me when does the next class start after March? how much is the course now.. I know I ask a lot of questions I have already sent for my packet in the mail.. and also the work keys test what is that about... I also reside in Michigan so I will have @ least a 45 minute journey but I dnt think its too much.. Well thanks any more insight you can give me is very much appreciated..

  5. by   markkuss
    you must have received your packet by now. tspn has changed about a year ago to a 1st come 1st serve format thereby creating a waiting list. a year-and-some ago, i had a choice of starting within 6 mos. from applying (though i chose to wait a year to save up some $$$ at work)
    so when's your quarter starting? are u still bent on going to toledo pn??
  6. by   a/18
    Does anyone know if you have to work in Ohio after you complete program or can you use your license in Michigan?
  7. by   markkuss
    you are asking about lpn registration, correct?
    -if you are still in the process of learning, some schools (tspn included) will allow you the possibility to take yr nclex pn in michigan, resulting in a michigan licence.
    -if you already have your oh licence, your best bet is to call:

    the board of rn info - [color=#004677]ohio board of nursing
    17 south high street, suite 400
    columbus, oh 43215-3413
    phone: 614.466.3947
    and it's michigan counterpart: the bureau of health professions: 517.335.0918

    they'll guide you further. luck.