So excited, just got accepted:) OU!

  1. Ok, really happy here. I just found out I was accepted to the fall program through Oakland University, for the 2nd degree program. I don't have anyone to tell right now because they are all at work, and I feel like I want to burst, and I had to let it out. So, here I am.......letting it out.

    Man, I love this school......
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  3. by   Sirena922
    Congradulations!!!! Tell me, how was the process to get in, was it tough?
  4. by   BerthaRN
    I don't think so....they run three programs a year, which I praise them for. They are really trying to meet demand. I had applied for spring but it was already filled from Jan. overflow....they have rolling enrollment. So, I was able to apply for the fall program. They are clear about what pre-reqs you have to take, and I truly believe as long as you follow them and meet the gpa standards, you will eventually get it due to their rolling enrollment effort. Good luck to you.
  5. by   Sirena922
    Thank you! I'll be taking the pre-req's at WCCCD and MCC. I'll apply for 2009.
  6. by   thyme39
    Congrats! I will be attending this May's session.
    For the person who asked how hard it was to get in, I investigated U of M, U of D Mercy, Eastern, Wayne, Mich State, and OU's 2nd degree program. I believe OU's is the easiest to get in because they run 3 programs per year - Spring/Summer start, Fall start through Oakwood Hospital, and Winter start. They also have rolling enrollment which none of the others have. If there is no rolling, you have to start over and be considered again the next year and if you don't get in, well, you try the next year and so on. With OU, I liked that if you didn't get in the first time, they put you in the next one. And since they have 3 a year, you are only waiting a few months instead of a year. I would suggest investigating all of them though. Eastern's is just starting this fall. They all have slightly different req's. All the basics are the same - A&P, Chem, bio chem, etc. But U of D Mercy req's an intermediate algebra class, I think Wayne needed a statistics class, Mich State had another req that the rest didn't have. So you really have to do your homework. Just start going to their info sessions and gathering info and then you can compare them and try for the one that meets your situation. I truly believe they are all good schools and will give you a good education. They are all certified. Also, If you even think you would like to go for extra education after getting your RN degree (masters programs), you might want to just see what each offers. For instance, if you have an idea you might want to specialize as a nurse in gerontology, look to see if the school has that program in a masters. It is usually easier to get into one if you got your BSN from there. And you already would be used to the school.
    That said, since I am not acutally attending OU right now, I can't tell you what I think of the classes. But we did have an orientation session. They seemed really interested at OU about you doing well in the program and wanting to help in any way that would make you successful. It seemed fairly well organized (keep in mind that 2nd degree programs haven't been around all that long so there will always be some uncertainty and you need to remain flexible). They also had students from the last class that we could talk to about anything we wanted. I wish you well.
  7. by   Sugarcoma
    Nice Job KC! OU is an excellent school. I hope to finish a BSN there eventually.

    Congratulations and good luck!
  8. by   BerthaRN
    Thyme39....congratulations to'll be in there with some of my friends! I hope you enjoy it.

    Sugarcoma...I agree, it's a good school Although, I have learned to shop teachers on that ratemyprofessor site But I definitely have school spirit...
  9. by   MySimplePlan
    Outstanding amount of information. Thank you.
  10. by   patriarchz
    Nice work kcleavinit! I'm starting the same program in May, so maybe we'll run into each other. I'll let you know how it goes...
  11. by   BerthaRN
    patriarchz, Well, I am anxious to hear.......
  12. by   karma78
    Congrats! Isn't that a good feeling?! I am currently in the OU 2nd degree. We just finished up our first semester. Good luck:spin: