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    I am deciding between EMU and WMU for my RN to BSN. Both programs are totally online. Western Michigan University is $13,300 and Eastern's is $9,800. My biggest concern is that WMU, MSU and UofM Flint all have leadership clinicals, but Eastern has some in it's capstone class but not as many as the other 3 schools. I want to go on for my Nurse Practitioner, so I want to make sure Eastern is a good school. (Why are you so cheap, what's the catch Eastern?) Does anyone have any advice for me?

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  3. by   ZooMommyRN
    I opted to do online through WGU, so far I've finished two classes since starting in July. My manager is working to get it approved to tuition reimbursement since it's CCNE accredited like UM-FLint, EMU etc but they are competency based, prove you know it and move on. Even if I don't get tuition support, I can complete the program in 1 year it'll end up being cheaper than EMU after tuition support. EMU's program actually used to cost more, first time I looked into several years ago it was closer to the 13K mark, they since opened an agreement with UM employees and I noticed it was cheaper. UM-Flint is still crazy expensive to me as I get no financial gain at work for getting my BSN