RN salary in Grand Rapids area?

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    I am moving to the Grand Rapids area from California next year and I was curious if anyone would be willing to share their average salary or base pay rate with me. My hubby and I are trying to look for apartments and I have no idea what I will be making out there, so I'm trying to gather some info. I have about a year and a half of experience thus far. Any info is much appreciated (including info on what to expect, moving tips, etc
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    Cost of living in Grand Rapids is not nearly as expensive as CA is. As for nursing salaries in that area, PM me and I can provide some insight.
  4. by   Macruzer36
    Hi there,

    Thank you! Unfortunately I'm new to the site so I'm not able to PM until I have a certain amount of posts.
  5. by   Kareegansee
    3 years experience on day shift, about $27/hr.
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  6. by   Flatlander
    Home care private duty through agency, started out at $19/hr with two years' experience. No paid time off until 5 years' longevity. Raise of $1 (yes, you read that right) after one year. Jobs in home care are plentiful and hiring process is much quicker than hospitals'. Great way to start earning while continuing to look. Michigan licensing can take 4 to 6 weeks, with luck; in my case it was much longer, due to Board's clerical error which sent my application confirmation and info on completing fingerprinting, background check, etc, to someone with my maiden name in another state, so I had to keep calling the board to find why I'd received no response. To which they kept replying, "it must have been sent to your old address." Finally they sent another letter after about the fifth phone call. (Two months later, I received a nice note from someone in Ohio who had received my Board response, and was kind enough to send it, though a little late. I never lived in Ohio, and shared nothing with that person except my former last name!) But, hey! Good luck and, really, the state is great. Lake Michigan is a jewel and will make you forget about the ocean!
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  7. by   dr2bpierrechow
    The pay rate may not be what you're used to in California, but the wonderful city of Grand Rapids offers a plethora of opportunities for aspiring nurses. Depending on your level of experience and facility you work at you can make upwards of $33/hr. Id suggest contacting Mercy Health Saint Marys if you like cancer