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  1. Hi I'm hoping someone has an answer for me. This is pretty pre-emptive on my part, but here I go anyway..

    I was just accepted in to Macomb Community College's associate degree RN program to start this year. I'm looking into some RN-BSN programs and RN-MSN programs just to get a feel for what I can do to advance my career when I get to that point. (it never hurts to be well-read and prepared...right?) Anyway, I am looking at Oakland University's RN-MSN program. The information booklet I have says something along the lines of requiring a 3.5 ADN program GPA (or, what I consider a less desirable alternative of earning a 3.0 at OU). So my question is, how would OU find or figure out what my ADN program GPA is, as opposed to my cumulative GPA? I've never transferred to another school before, so I don't have any idea how that works.

    Any input would be welcome! THANKS
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  3. by   CorazonDeOro
    They would ask you for a copy of your transcripts and figure out which classes they count towards your nursing GPA and use those. All nursing classes at MCC start with NURS so it wouldn't be that hard for them. Most programs like this most likely have a copy of the community college curriculum. I am about to graduate from MCC And have been considering this program at OU, so if I go for it I will keep you posted. I hear Wayne has a better MSN program though so I might go for that.
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    HI Thank you for responding! I sent you an email!