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  1. hey everyone, am attending baker college at Clinton twp and was wondering about the oral communications class(public speaking class), has anyone from here taken it and if so how did you do and also if there is another class you can take instead, coz my cousin who attends macomb said there you have options of taking different class.Am really terrified of this class so any suggestion would really help .
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  3. by   pbear67
    I attended Baker in Jackson and it went ok, considering I am not good at speaking in front of people! As far as I know, there aren't any other options at Baker. However, I attend Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek and I overheard a classmate say that she took Oral Communication ONLINE, because of her fears of public speaking! I don't know how that would even be possible, but that is what she said. At Baker, I remember we would have a different type of speech or presentation each week. Some, we could read from our notes, some were in small groups in front of the class and the final one was" How to do something". That was nerve racking!!! Luckily my instructor had sympathy for the shy people and everyone did fine. If you do have real concerns about this, you can go to www.kellogg.edu and hit "search for schedules" and hit online options for classes and you will be able to see if you can take Oral Communication online there. Since it would be an online class, driving wouldn't be an issue for you.

    Good Luck and remember, everyone is a little nervous about speaking in front of the class, but most of the time you'll have your notes with you!
  4. by   Do-over
    Here is a suggestion from someone who used to be scared stiff of speaking in public...

    Go ahead and take the class, just try to look around for a prof that believes in making people feel "safe" about speaking. Just force yourself to do it and volunteer to go first. If possible, pick a topic you are very comfortable with in case you have to wing-it.

    Seriously - go first :spin:, that way you won't have the entire class period to get all worked up.

    Now that I have had to present regularly at work to all sorts of audiences and in all sorts of formats it doesn't bother me at all. Its almost fun... And, it is something I am very glad I can do.