Questions on Clinicals at Sinai Grace in Detroit

  1. I am starting my BSN program this Fall and was wondering if anyone has done their clinicals at Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit? I am wondering what the hospital is like? Is the area fairly safe? I am not really familiar with Detroit much so I am just curious about what that part of the city is like. Any information you can offer about the hospital, or about clinicals in general would be great! What should I expect while doing clinicals? I am very excited to get started. Thanks for your help!!
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    I never did clinicals there but I work for the DMC and do know that it is not a nice part of town. Be aware of your surroudnings, and if possible car-pool.
  4. by   krisp925
    Thanks for the honesty. I do appreciate it. My choices were Detroit Receiving, the VA Hospital in Detroit, or Sinai Grace. So anyway you slice it, it's not the best part of town from what I've heard. The nice thing is that my sister and I are doing our clinicals at the same time, so we will always be going in and leaving together. How long have you been a nurse? Where did you go to school? Do you like working for DMC? What should I expect while doing my clinicals? Any info I can get would be helpful, the waiting is killing Thanks again!
  5. by   SnowStar4
    I would choose DRH or the VA. They are all next to each other with Children's, Karmanos, Harper/Hutzel, Kresge, and Wayne State and there is a stronger police/security presence in the area. Not that I think it is safe to go stolling about, but safer. The DMC is under transition right now as Vaguard has taken over. They promise a lot of desperately needed updates but we will see. The parking sucks. Pay sucks. Poor work ethic from the locals. But you get great experience working in the inner city. I went to MCC and am currently also at MSU.

    I didn't do clinicals in the DMC so I am not sure how they treat people. Expect a lot of waiting for your instructor to check off all of your meds/skills. There is a ton of paperwork for students since they make you do care plans and all that. They have great computer charting but I don't know if it is easy access to computers there like it is at many places. Pack lightly- students uselly don't get lockers and things disappear. Wear comfortable shoes and expect them to get nasty. You'll get nervous- and that's normal. Just stay calm and act like you know what you are doing. And when in question...always ask your instructor or a nurse!
  6. by   jevsg
    I did not do my Clinicals at Sinai Grace, but I work here as a RN. I have never had an issue with safety coming to or from work at all hours of the day or night. The Security department is top notch and they care deeply about their co workers. The neighborhood surrounding the hospital is beautiful and includes Rosedale Park and Brightmoor. There are tremendous opportunities to learn here and the people and community are great. Take it from someone who drives in from the suburbs every day, I am glad to have an opportunity to serve this community.
  7. by   DrivenToDream
    I just completed an OB clinical at Sinai-Grace. It is located on the city's northwest side, where I grew up many years ago! While the neighborhood has slipped a bit since I lived there, I never felt unsafe going to clinical. I really enjoyed my time there. The nurses were very helpful!