Online Chemistry Courses-would you take "THEM"??

  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this community and this is my first post. I look forward to any helpful feedback anyone can give. I am trying to take my pre-nursing requirements so that I can apply to Oakland University's Accelerated Second Degree BSN program. I only need 2 classes (i.e., Chemistry 104 and Chemistry 201). For a variety of reasons, I need to take Chemistry classes with labs completely online-at this time. Unfortunately, the Chemistry 104 online class at Oakland will not be available until the fall of 2012, thus making Oakland's Chemistry 201 available to me in 2013. This would REALLY push back my application to Oakland University much further than I would prefer.

    So, I found Online Chemistry Classes with labs that I can take starting in Jan. 2012 at Eastern Iowa Community College.BUT- a nice lady who processes the transfer evaluation forms at Oakland University was not comfortable with recommending that I take the class before it is officially evaluated. However, she did inform me that the transfer evaluation form I need to complete to see if Oakland Uni. would accept this class will take longer than the normal time to process (like 8 weeks) due to the upcoming holidays-finals-breaks, etc. The online Chem. Class starting in Jan. at Eastern Iowa-CC would be over by that time.

    NOW, a different nice lady who receives transfer transcripts in the Records Department at Oakland University-had me read Eastern Iowa-CC online Chemistry course descriptions- descriptions to which the lady above did not hear. This lady who receives the transfer transcripts she strongly suggested that I take the class BEFORE it is officially evaluated because the course descriptions for the classes are nearly identical-she said.

    So, would you take a leap of faith, so to speak and take them (the online Chemistry classes with labs at Eastern Iowa Community College that is)? If not, does anyone have an online Chemistry course that they believe Oakland University accepts? Or, even that Wayne State University accepts? I am open to Wayne State's Second Degree Nursing program as well-Oakland is just my first choice. Thank you for your time reading my concern!
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    How short is this chemistry class that is would be over in 8 weeks? If you submit the paperwork now and it doesn't start until January, you should be good. You can start the class and most of the time drop until a certain point with full refund if it is not accepted.

    I didn't take chem online but did do A&P 2 and micro through colorado community college online. Very expenive, but convenient. Went though the whole thing like you with hours on the phone and email trying to make sure the courses would be approved before I spent the money on them. It all worked out for me. As long as it is the correct # of credits and labs hours at an accredited school you should be good.
  4. by   CNA-Lo

    This is Oakland University transfer credit equivalencies, I would look at these colleges and see if they offer the equivalent to CHM 104 at their school I wouldn't recommend taking a course that is under review somewhere else, the nursing program at OU is very strict!
  5. by   Joy4Life
    @ CNA-Lo- Thank you for your thoughts and time to reply.