Oncology Jobs & Training ???

  1. I graduated from an accelerated BSN program in the Washington DC area in August. My goal has always been to be an Oncology nurse. I currently work on an oncology unit of a large hospital but may be moving to the Sterling Heights MI area due to my husbands job transfer.

    Can anyone recommend an oncology center, outpatient infusion center, private practics, etc where I can continue to learn and specialize in Onc nursing. Especially anything in the Sterling Heights area or reasonably close to what will be "home."

    Thanks for your help
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  3. by   Dabuggy
    You could try Beaumont (Troy or Royal Oak) or St Joseph Mercy, Macomb. Try searching by county. Macomb or Oakland counties. Most have websites for you.

  4. by   phluteloop
    Hi there,
    I am a an OCA (nurse tech) and student nurse at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. We're located within the Detroit Medical Center near Wayne State University downtown. Right next door is the Karmanos Cancer Research Center. We've recently become a private institution with plans for expansion in the next few years including our own OR's, ICU, etc. There are four inpatient units along with outpatient clinics. I'll have been here a year in January, first time working oncology, and I love it. My home unit is primarily GYN and Urology. The nursing and medical staff is incredibly dedicated and knowledagble on all the cutting-edge treatments. There are also outpatient units surrounding the metro-Detroit area.

    Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
    You can find locations and job postings here!

    Good luck!