Oakland University RN/BSN completion program

  1. Does anyone have any information on the maximum number of students OU allows into their RN to BSN program? I searched on the school website but couldn't find anything. I'm currently attending Schoolcraft College and after graduating I really want to attend OU for their BSN completion program. Any info you all have would be great!

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  3. by   sandelexa
    Taking classes there right now,i dont know how many students they take per class but i know that they are very considerate.Theys didnt have a slot ofr one of the classes i wanted to take this winter and i know they added another class due to the many requests.Its a very good program for me especially that its mostly online and with two little ones,an almost full time job...twelve credits was a stretch but definitely not doing that again...trying 8this semester and see how that goes.even though the program at OU is online,its not a walk in the park...there are projects that need to be done and the teachers can be alittle hard on the papers...if you put time into it the program is not that bad but you d0 have to work hard and not procrastinate.Admission wasnt that bad and i dont know the gpa cut off but i had a good gpa an almost 4.0 but i dont think thats the reason i got in.its a completion program and i dont think the gpa is a big factor,i did not have to wait long,took all my prereqs at the community college and joined as soon as that was done,still have to fulfill the foreign language part of the pre requisites.the info sessions were very helpful but please dont show up late...its annoying for everyone..i went to two of them just because i went to one and waited a year before i made up my mind and they were helpful.