Oakland university 2nd degree nursing program

  1. When I'm finished with anatomy I'll have a 3.5 if I do well in the class. I was wondering will this gpa get me in? I believe now they're competitive and no longer have an essay or interview? I wish they did because I am also a nurse assistant.

    Can anyone suggest any other alternatives for an accelerated program? I live in the metro Detroit area and I'm married with a kid. So, I can't really travel too far.
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  3. by   kp2463
    I would definitely try and apply! It varies every year. I retook a class I had a b in to be more competitive. One of my classmates originally did not get in after applying and they called them up later to fill a spot so you never know. I would apply since there's no fee. If you don't get in, retake a class and apply the next cycle!
  4. by   kelsonsa
    I am in the cohort that started summer 16. The avg GPA was a 3.4 for our group. I wouldn't worry and apply. There are no interviews or essays. I attached a couple letters of recommendation from my profs along with the application but they said I didn't need to cause they wouldn't look at them anyway lol. I also got accepted for the Fall 2016 cohort but was bumped into the Summer 2016. They typically bump up about 10 students to the earlier starting cohort. I loved starting in the summer. Best of luck. Many of my classmates kept their jobs and/or had family and they are doing great.
  5. by   chillybonez89
    I applied back in July 16 and got accepted mid October for the class starting Fall 17.. I had a 3.6 gpa with mostly transfer credits except for 2 classes I had to take at OU. No interviews or essays just submitted an application when I was done with classes. Good luck.
  6. by   runner2019
    How did the program go for you? Any tips?
  7. by   runner2019
    How did the program go for you? Any tips? @kelsonsa, BSN, RN, EMT-B