No Worker Left Behind program (long)

  1. Hello everyone,
    I read an outdated thread on here regarding the Michigan Works program that helped some people pay for school but not others. I just wanted to put the information out here because I went to Michigan Works in March 2007 and I was NOT told about the program either! I just heard about it from my cousins.

    I believe the OP was talking about the No Worker Left Behind program.

    There are criteria listed on the website, but they state that you need to contact your local Michigan Works office to find out if you qualify. One main point is that you must NOT currently be a full-time student and you must NOT have graduated high school within the last two years. This from the FAQ:

    Participants must pursue an associate's degree or occupational certificate in 1) a high demand field, 2) emerging industry, or 3) entrepreneurship program. However, bachelor's degree completion and even master's programs are allowable if the educational program meets all other core criteria (two years or less needed; will lead to job in high demand, emerging sector, or entrepreneurial endeavor;etc.)
    Here's the punchline: I went there and I almost had to pry the information out of the lady! I asked about the NWLB program and she said, "What about it?" I told her that I wanted to go back to school. She didn't say anything. After I mentioned that I'd like to go to OU for their nursing program, she sighed and said, "OK, I just needed to know that you were serious about school before I gave you the information."

    I was livid. I was downsized from a $40,000 IT job in April 2006, ran out of unemployment, ended up on welfare and food stamps, got my electricity shut off and continually went there for help in finding a job and not ONCE did they mention this program to me! It technically didn't start until this Fall, but they've had the info since January during Granholm's State of the State speech. I went through their Work First program in March 2007, the whole time other people were there for the NWLB program and didn't say a word about it! It's a big secret apparently and they get to decide who is worthy of help. I could be in school right now but instead I'm making $10 an hour waiting for January to apply for school and finaid for Fall 2008.

    Well, I could go on for hours about their policies that hinder and jeopardize employment, but I really just wanted to get this information out here. I hope it helps someone who might not get to go to school otherwise. Oh, and please read all of the qualifications carefully. I'd hate to get somebody's hopes up if they don't qualify.
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  3. by   deftonez188
    Just wrote a paper about this program, i'm pretty sure since Mrs. Granholm is trying to stabilize the economy by getting Michigan educated, she'd be pretty upset people are acting in this manner at Michigan Works, an email might have some effect, you never know
  4. by   hair_tie
    It all depends on the Michigan works office you go into too. My sister in law is struggling to go to school and went in to the genesee county office to get some info and was told the that county basically doesn't know anything about it...BS. So she is going to go to Lapeer county where a few other people have went through and had success. I also thought you couldn't be enrolled in school already but one of her friends is in school and the lapeer county office said that she still qualifies but she just don't have to go through the orientation.
  5. by   hair_tie
    We just went and talked to Genesee county Mich works and they said they won't have any openings until Jan. 08'