New Grad Programs

  1. Does anyone know of any other new grad programs in the metro Detroit area? I've applied to Children's- I've already interviewed, just waiting to see if I got in. When I was on Beaumont's website it says they have a new grad program, but couldn't find any where to apply for it. Anyne know about other new grad programs out there just in case I can't get in to Children's?
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  3. by   ORoxyO
    Children's is the most formal, scheduled program that I know of with their dates laid out a year or so in advance. Several other hospital systems advertise for residency programs for ER, ICU, OR etc but it seems to come up only when they have the openings with a couple months notice. Just keep checking out the jop boards daily to see if there are postings and I would contact HR to see if they know of any programs coming up.
  4. by   FinallyLPN,RN
    Thanks so much for the info! I will try to contact HR.
  5. by   Do-over
    Good luck with Children's - they have an awesome program for new grads.