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  1. For anyone currently in the program at MCC, having trouble figuring out if the bookstore sold me the correct book or not for Pharmacology, in the slip I received it said we needed Pharmacology and the Nursing Process 5th ed by Aucker, Lilley, and Albanese. The problem i'm having is that I couldn't find this book online anywhere, so I went to the bookstore and they gave me: Pharmacology and the Nursing Process 5th ed by Lilley, Snyder, and Harrington - can anyone confirm if this is the book we need or not? It has like an orangish-yellow color to the cover.

    Also, the bookstore had the Nursing Diagnoses book for sale that was the 12th edition, has two yellow circles on the cover yet according to our list, we need the 11th edition, if you're in the program, which one have you been using?

    Thanks for any replies!
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  3. by   NBMom1225
    It sounds like you have the correct pharmacology book, the ISBN# on mine is 978-0-323-04486. As for the nursing diagnosis book, we have been using the 11th edition of Carpenito (BTW, the instructors always reffer to the texts by the authors' names)...but I believe that's just because the 12th edition didn't come out until after the semester started. You could check with the nursing department, but I think the 12th edition will be fine, especially since that's what they have the bookstore carrying.
  4. by   deftonez188
    You've given me some significant relief! could you tell me what the cover of your diagnosis book has on it by chance?
  5. by   NBMom1225
    The 11th edition has a white background with a great big dark red interlocking circles within a circle, and has a light blue border at the bottom...but I really do think the 12th edition will be fine:spin:.