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Just thought we could get a thread started for those of us applying to MCC 2011 and maybe get some idea on hesi scores and gpas... :)... Read More

  1. by   LauJen
    One thing to consider is the amount of applicants they had last year. There were less than 500, because they had just implemented the new requirements of averaging only A&P, Micro and English instead of just your last 12 credits. They usually have 1,000+ applicants. I BARELY made it into (I started in January) the program with an 89 on the HESI, and a 3.7 GPA... I was #151 out of 160.

    I think that had there been more applicants, I wouldn't have made it. BUT, the good news is that I've heard they ended up replacing 30 people, making it up to the 190's as far as alternates. I'm not saying this to discourage anyone - if anything, it's the opposite. I didn't make it till my second try. So if the letter you get isn't what you were hoping for, don't get discouraged and make sure you try again!
  2. by   RosinskiL85
    well....i have good news for everyone...
    in my intro nursing class, the prof said she heard that there were less than 400 applicants for this year! yay!

    which is (she said) good for all of us that applied...less competition!
    but they are not too happy about it, in that more ppl will be getting in with lower scores than before.

    she also said that it takes so long to get letters because instead of ranking people on a computer program, that they have someone do it by hand.
    so now that there are fewer applicants to rank, hopefully we can get the letters sooner than expected?
  3. by   student48220
    Thanks for the info, hoping i have a shot!
  4. by   student48220
    When do the letters go out?
  5. by   purevintage
    Letters could go out as late as May 15th, but it was the end of April last year.

    Anyone new here willing to share their GPA and HESI scores and if you've applied for this year?
  6. by   Tiffanyc978
    Can anyone give me some advice on what to study for the Hesi at Macomb? I have the Evolve Admission Assement Exam Review book that they recommend and I am studying that. If anyone has suggestions on exactly what to study I would be VERY grateful.

    What types of math do I need to know? Any algebra?
    What type of A&P questions are on the test? A&P is such a broad subject, I could study for hours!

    Thanks in advance. I plan to study ALL summer and hopefully get a percentage in the 90's!
  7. by   purevintage
    Hi Tiffany

    That review book should do just fine. I used it for review before taking the Hesi in January. I was always good at math, but I hadn't taken a class since 2002 so I got kind of rusty... I used the review book you mentioned and I ended up getting 100% on the math portion of the exam.

    Just make sure you only study the portions of that book that you need. Check the Macomb website for a list of the sections that are on the exam.

    Good luck!