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Let's share our experiences !!! I just wanted to start a page for those who are getting ready for Macomb Nursing program 2014. I actually applied this year(2013) for the first time. Unfortunately... Read More

  1. by   a.carolina
    I made it! I made it!!!!! God is wonderful! Im so happy!!!
  2. by   Stephenie78
    Yay congrats
  3. by   EdParker
    Quote from ramonl

    flu shot must be done between Sept 1 and Oct 31. Must have documentation in by Nov 1st.

    must have titers for rubella, rubeola, mumps...

    hep b must have two shots prior to first clinical placement

    need health history and physical within 6 months of start date, including tb test

    tdap after 2005 , must provide proof prior to start of program

    must have cpr prior to start and maintain throughout

    health insurance

    liability insurance is highly recommended but not required

    10 panel drug screen
    What do they mean by "Health history and physical"?
  4. by   rt2014
    a.carolina - CONGRATULATIONS!
  5. by   ramonl
    Basically a health background...very general. And a physical from your doc. They send all your paperwork out if everything you need to do. They also discuss all of the details at the meeting.
  6. by   EdParker
    I don't think my cholesterol levels are any concern to the school. I can understand the titers and tb test, the hospital I work at hit me up for all of that.
  7. by   kristi1986
    I can't wait to get off work... this is killing me.
  8. by   RachelSetterington
    My scores were a 3.6517 and a 87 hesi and I just got my acceptance letter.
  9. by   ramonl
    I believe they send you a form. I don't think. They check your cholesterol lol. Basically to make sure you are physically capable to meet the requirements and don't have any communicable diseases. Not sure what it entails because I had to back out before getting to that point.
  10. by   kristi1986
    I wish they included ranking... they did on the denial letters, I'm just a couple points behind you Ramon!
  11. by   Stephenie78
    My mail isn't here yet ugh
  12. by   xbrookiie5
    Did anyone not get accepted. I see alot have gotten accepted which is awesome!!!
  13. by   MarissaSings
    Hi everyone! Congrats to everyone who has gotten in. So awesome and I hope I am just as lucky next year when I apply! I have a quick question. I am debating taking BIOL 1000 this summer before taking micro and A&P in the fall because it has been a while since I have taken a science class. In high school, I did get all A's so I certainly have some natural ability. I am worried though just because it has been so long since I have taken a science class like that. However, it is expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do? Thanks so much and congrats again!