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Let's share our experiences !!! I just wanted to start a page for those who are getting ready for Macomb Nursing program 2014. I actually applied this year(2013) for the first time. Unfortunately... Read More

  1. by   a.carolina
    I'm going to create a Facebook page for us
  2. by   lz03
    May 21st 830 am in orientation. Like I said I went to get my ranking number when I paid my fee and they do not have them yet. They said the earliest would be Thursday.
  3. by   ramonl
    May 21st 8:30a-11:30a
  4. by   lz03
    Add me please- Lindsey Zemens
  5. by   ramonl
    Layla Lewis Ramon add me please too
  6. by   ramonl
    Now the waiting begins actually start lol. I'm hoping for October or January start
  7. by   aschwei
    I got on! I had a 3.88 gpa and a 85 on hesi. I was so excited! Tears of joy! Congrats every one
  8. by   Stephenie78
    @a.carolina are you in?
  9. by   awils.j
    Quote from ramonl
    I am thrilled to have gotten in again! I was so worried. Just some advice, they will tell you this at the mandatory meeting, if you aren't currently working in a healthcare setting, try to get into one somewhere! It will help you tremendously, more than you can imagine. I firmly believe that a nurse should be an aid for a bit to see what it's like. Nothing like hands on experience!! I work for Henry Ford hospital as a Cardiac arrhythmia technician, and was an NA for many years. I've seen it all, literally. If/when you are needing a job, I may be able to help

    Congrats Everyone!!
    So do you work in the small closet behind the nurse's station on 31?
  10. by   a.carolina
    Hi guys I don't have my letter yet, I applied wit 4.0 and 84, so I hope I'm in.. But I'm still going to create the Facebook page, I'm home so it should be ready soon. My mail should come in the next hour
  11. by   EdParker
    Quote from a.carolina
    I'm going to create a Facebook page for us
    I thought about doing the same
  12. by   EdParker
    Just got my letter. "We are pleased to offer you..."
  13. by   a.carolina
    I'm so happy for you all!!!