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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has registered to take their HESI in the fall and are planning to apply to Macomb's nursing program for the 2013 admission cycle!? Let me know!... Read More

  1. by   CarissaLynn32
    I am applying for the 2013 nursing program. I took my HESI Wednesday and got a 94%. My GPA for the 4 required classes is a 4.0. I wish we didn't have to wait until April to find out! Does anyone know if there is a way to call and check on the information they have for us? I had to submit transcripts from different colleges and want to make sure they have my top grades since some were retakes.
    The class average for my HESI on the 19th was an 85.
  2. by   rblmn
    Hey CarissaLynn32, it should show you in webadvisor. Bring up your transcript and it will show what they have as your best grade for any class you've taken. There is also a column labeled Repeat that should have a Y in the box for any class you've retaken. Otherwise if you're still not sure I'd say run down to the counseling office when they reopen and check. I'm not sure if they'll do it over the phone or not, I've never tried.
  3. by   Winterbebe7
    The grades from transfer courses are not in web advisor so what I did was I went to an advisor and had him look at my transcripts on file and he did my average for the four required classes BUT he did say that he was doing me a favor and he could be wrong, I had one repeat and my a&p transfers weird because of where I took it (baker) because of this my GPA was lower than what I had anticipated
  4. by   Decembergirl
    Hello... I am glad I came across this site.. I just took my hesi a couple of days ago and scored 84%... not that great... my gap is 3.92 so hopefully that will help me get in...

    If you don't mind, please keep posting your scores.

    To calculate your ranking score... GPA X 25/2 + HESI/2

    Mine came out to 91%

    Good luck everyone.
  5. by   MsPebbles
    Hi fellow hopefuls!

    I just took my HESI today. I'll be applying with a 4.0 and a 93% on the HESI. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  6. by   CarissaLynn32
    @winterbebe7 my a & p is from baker also... Do repeats count against you? And does a & p from baker not count as much. I transferred repeats/baker classes both but I have all A's so I counted on a 4.0. Is that not right? Now I'm worried....
  7. by   m.obd.90
    Decembergirl- I'm with you there, my gpa is 3.92 as well. I took my Hesi this afternoon, or yesterday I guess, and I scored an 89.6. Hopefully that is good enough to get us in!!It sucks we have to wait so long..
  8. by   rbrandnew
    I am applying with a 3.84 and a 92%--my combined GPA/Hesi score is 94. I took the Hesi last Monday, 12/17, I was the last one to finish. However, the class average was only 82%, therefore looks can be deceiving. Per Susan who was proctoring the test, the Hesi scores are down this year. Although, I know there are still some remaining test dates, I am going to think positive and trust that I will get in. Good luck and Happy New Year!
  9. by   KylaS
    ugh, you guys are making me nervous. I'm retaking my HESI on 01/03. From what I've seen people do better their second time around. I'm afraid it won't be true for me. I took A&P a year ago so it's not all fresh in my mind. I have a 3.87 GPA and 88 on the old HESI score. Wish me luck guys. :/
  10. by   MsPebbles
    @KylaS, I wouldn't worry so much...with your gpa & current score I'm sure you'll get in! But either way, good luck on your test. If you're worried about A&P, I would definitely review your old notes as I found the HESI study guide to be lacking in that subject (if you are using it).
  11. by   CarissaLynn32
    I think we are all freaking out :/ it's killing me waiting for the school to reopen to talk to a counselor. I want to know how retakes and transfer classes are factored... I feel like I won't truly know my GPA until I talk to someone. Some more input on test scores, my two friends are applying with a 3.9 gpa/92 HESI and the other is a 3.0 gpa/86 HESI.
  12. by   nayesh
    @carissa I agree its gonna be a horrible wait until april
  13. by   CarissaLynn32
    So I went to talk with an advisor today (which was kind of pointless) but I figured I'd share the info that I got... I asked about transferring credits from baker. She said if its an A it transfers as an A but she thought that if you got a lower grade it may transfer different. Since I had an A, I didn't bother looking into that. She also said that retaking classes do not count against you. That they simply take your highest grades and HESI, and that's it. No other factors. Also from enrollment I found out that once all of your stuff is received for your nursing application, they send you a notice of completion so you know that you are good to go
    If anyone else has anything to add or that conflicts with this please let me know! The more information the better