Macomb Community College Nursing 2013 - page 3

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has registered to take their HESI in the fall and are planning to apply to Macomb's nursing program for the 2013 admission cycle!? Let me know!... Read More

  1. by   lewisamber7
    I have the study guide and I did pretty well on my math exam in my Intro to Nursing course, I just don't want to be caught off guard. I know I'll be fine, but unfortunately, I'm allowing my nerves to get the best of me, that's all.
  2. by   Josh08
    Try not to stress, it's not so bad. You'll do great
  3. by   lewisamber7
    Did you get your HESI results right away or did you have to wait?
  4. by   Josh08
    Results are given right after you finish the test
  5. by   lewisamber7
    I thought mine was supposed to be this coming Wednesday, but it's actually Monday.
    I'll let you know how it goes!
  6. by   Josh08
    How'd you do??!?!
  7. by   Winterbebe7
    Hey guys, I am also applying this year for nursing. I just re-took my hesi last week and I got a 90. I really hope it was enough because my gpa isn't the best, It's 3.5 so we will see what happens. When i looked at the average for the hesi it said my class average was 82. Does anyone know if that is just the people who were in the room with me at the time or will that change as more classes take the exam?
  8. by   nayesh
    Hi everyone! Im so nervous I have a 3.87 gpa and I got an 87 on the hesi! I pray to God thats enough to get in... Good luck everyone!
  9. by   m.obd.90
    Blueyedbabe87 - First time i took English 1180 i had a terrible professor and ended up with a B+. I took it again in the summer, with a wonderful professor, and passed with flying colors. I don't think we are allowed to give out professor names on the site, but if you want you could email me and i could tell you. Also, i had an AMAZING a&p professor, who made it easy to enjoy her class.
  10. by   m.obd.90
    Alewis55- a&p in 6 weeks? boy, you had your hands full. How did your Hesi go?
    Im taking my Hesi tomorrow, fingers crossed! I'm soo nervous.. i'm mostly scared about reading comp, and grammar, since English is my second language.

    For those who already took the Hesi, were you allowed to use a simplified calculator for the math, and did you get scrap paper? It is a computerized test, correct?
  11. by   Winterbebe7
    You can't bring a calculator with you, but there is one in the computer you are aloud to use
  12. by   m.obd.90
    Thanks. Btw, congrats on the high Hesi score. How did you think it was? I'm taking mine tomorrow...
  13. by   nayesh
    @winterbebe7 its just an average of those you took the test with... My class average was an 83 and my friends was an 81!