Loosing hope

  1. After dealing wtih WCCCD I made up my mind to take an LPN class. I go to DBI and talk to them. Even AFTER pell grants and loans I'd owe then something like 2700, with almost 200 down (not counting the 100 registration fee), and 160 a month every month I'm in school. As it is now I can't afford that, and there's no way I could work as much as I work now AND go to school as much as they have classes scheduled. The woman at DBI was very nice, and told me to go to Michigan Works to see if they could help with paying for the classes.

    Welp, I was told IF I was accepted into thier program, and IF they had money they would pay up to 5000 of my tuition...AFTER 3/4 of the program was over to make sure I actually graduate. Oh, and since the pay out would be scheduled for Sep/Oct there's no promise they would even HAVE any money by then. Untill then I would still need to pay the money each month. But they did tell me to try contacting HPOG.

    HPOG says I need to be within 130% of the poverty line. I haven't even went to thier orientation becuase I know I make more then that *barely*. Today I got confirmation when the caseworker from Michigan Works called me up. I make $500 to much...a year! Aparently $10 an hour avg. of 35 hours a week is more then enough to live on!

    I'm really not sure what to do any more. I live in Southgate and I don't knwo of any other schools close to me.I don't EVER want to go back to WCCCD, and since I borrow a car I don't think HF would work out well either. I jsut feel liek I worked so hard for nothing.
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