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    I am looking at either LCC or MSU's accelerated nursing programs for next Spring (2008). From what I have heard so far, many people feel LCC has a more hands-on program with better practical experience. It also doesn't cost nearly as much to become a RN if you go with the LCC route. My only concerns are that I think eventually I will want a BSN in order to pursue becoming a CRNA. From that standpoint, it seems to make more sense to try for admission into MSU since I won't have to deal with taking an RN-BSN completion program. I think what it comes down to is this: Which school is going to prepare me to be a better nurse. If its LCC, I'll be there in a heartbeat, but if there isn't that big of a difference in the two programs, it seems like MSU is the better choice. If anyone out there is in either school or could give some advice about the difference in the two programs, please let me know.


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  3. by   AnnaN5
    I am starting LCC's acclerated program in a March so I have the most information about that. We will be starting March 12 and will graduate the beginning of May 08. This is the breakdown of our schedule:
    6 wks-Fundamentals I (5 cr): 51 lecture hrs, 39 lab hrs, 48 clinical hrs
    6 wks-Fundamentals II(4 cr): 39 lecture hrs, 7 lab hrs, 68 clinical hrs
    7 wks-Acute Nursing(6 cr): 60 lecture hrs, 12 lab hrs, 96 clinical hrs
    6 wks-Maternity(5 cr): 54 lecture hrs, 78 clinical hrs
    At this point we are eligible to sit for NCLEX-PN.
    7 wks-Peds(5 cr): 54 lecture hrs, 6 lab hrs, 72 clinical hrs
    7 wks-Mental Health(6 cr): 64 lecture hrs, 96 clinical hrs
    8 wks-Advanced Chronic(5 cr): 45 lecture hrs, 9 lab hrs, 96 clinical hrs
    8 wks-Advanced Acute(5 cr): 45 lecture hrs, 9 lab hrs, 96 clinical hrs
    They admit 36 people for the program and these are the classes that must be completed before admission: Algebra, BCLS certification, Composition I, Anatomy, Physiology, Micro, Pharm, Healthy Lifestyles, Psych, and Human Growth & Development

    We have been told that we get much more hands on experience but I haven't been able to find MSU's breakdown of numbers to make the comparison. I was also considering the two programs but went with LCC because of the recommendations I heard from other students and hospital staff. A few people I have talked to on here have not had good experiences with MSU's accelerated program or the nursing program in general. I don't know if that is because the program is still new or what. Nurse recruiters from Sparrow have said they prefer LCC grads over MSU grads because LCC grads are more prepared to jump right into the clinical setting.

    My plan is to take my BS in Human Bio and my ADN in Nursing to do an MSN program for students in that situation and skip the BSN altogether. MSU, U of M, and GVSU are among some of the colleges that offer that option. I don't know off the top of my head the CRNA programs that do that but I know I have read topics on that here in the past.