Jackson Community College in Michigan Fall 2011 - page 3

Hi! I was wondering if anyone was planning on applying to the ADN program at Jackson Community College in May for fall of 2011. I am just finishing up one pre-requisite and I have to take the HESI... Read More

  1. by   hudsont2207
    Thank you Mully! I will take your advice, it is very much appreciated!!
  2. by   brynleighsmom27
    can anyone tell me what the lowest point scores were for aplying at jcc last fall?
  3. by   brynleighsmom27
    do you attend jcc?
  4. by   Mully
    One year and one day you resurrect this thread? Lol okay, well I'll tell you that I remember the lowest score for my class was something like 63. I've heard of even lower though. It's a good time to be able to get into the JCC nursing program - they recently expanded it AND census is down, so there's a good chance even a poor score will get in. Just as long as you have more than 50...
  5. by   happypuppy
    I was googling JCC point system requirements and saw a point system for Jefferson Community College. I know you're concerned with Jackson Community College (which is where I attend). But as of now the only way to know what their point system involves would be to speak with an adviser. But the point system for the other JCC seems pretty logical and can't be too far off Jackson's system. Anyhow, here's a link to it take it into consideration until you speak to an adviser. HOORAY FOR GOOGLE