ICU internships for GN/New RN

  1. Hi guys -

    I'm currently in OU's traditional BSN program, have about 1 year left. I'm working at Beaumont right now as a nurse tech. I would love to stay with Beaumont upon graduation, however, I would like to get into an ICU asap. I was disappointed when they recently stopped their internship program for CC nursing. They replaced it with a new GN residency program, meh, not impressed.

    My question is, has anyone heard of any other, large, teaching hospitals in the metro detroit area that still have an internship program for CC nursing? (Henry Ford, DMC??)

    Also, please hold off on the lecture about wanting to jump right into an ICU, I've heard it all before!
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  3. by   FinallyLPN,RN
    How do you feel about peds? I know Children's has the option of NICU and ICU for their New Grad Residency program. It's only offered 3 times a year though.

    Would you know how I can apply to Beaumont's residency program? I've seen info for it but I can't actually find a link or anything to actually apply to it.
  4. by   Do-over
    I don't know of any "new grad residency" programs, other than Children's, in this area. I would think that ANY formal, established residency, even one for med-surg, would be the ideal place for a new grad. You should probably call the places you are interested in working at and ask the recruiter directly.

    Marquette General in the UP has one, at least they did a while back. They actually called me for an interview - JUST after I was hired FT and signed a lease. I still kind of regret not going for it.

    FWIW, if you want to work in an ICU right after graduation I would suggest trying to get in one now as a tech/CNA. Haven't heard of too many people able to do so otherwise. But, then again, I can only speak of the folks I graduated with.
  5. by   NeurotraumaGrizzly
    You can't really "apply" solely to the program. You have to apply for an open position first and if you are hired then you are automatically enrolled in the new grad program. I think its a year long, maybe half the time you're precepting the other half you're on your own. Then I think once a month you have to attend a class with other new grads in the program just to discuss any questions/concerns/etc. It's not really a residency program per se if you want to specialize in a certain area.
  6. by   07302003
    As far as I know, Henry Ford will not hire new grads into ICU or ER positions.
  7. by   chuckz
    I don't know about now, but back when I graduated in 2010, I was a graduate nurse that hired in at the MICU at Henry Ford Main. I also was an extern in the Emergency Department prior, during school. I went back to the ER and I know they have some nurse externs there. Just apply and talk to people. Go to HR and talk to them personally, that's how I got the externship. Good Luck.