HFCC 2017 Fall Program

  1. Hi everyone,

    Was curious to see if anyone is applying for Henry fords fall program for 2017. Any current students in the program that can offer any tips or advice? Thanks!
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  3. by   Ahanna7
    Hello! I have submitted my application for Fall 2017 nursing program at Henry Ford College. I look forward to getting an e-mail saying I've been accepted in March!
  4. by   123496
    I submitted my app yesterday as well :-) Do you know how many points you ended up with ? Mine was 69 she said it was on the high end so fingers crossed !!
  5. by   Ahanna7
    Awesome! My score was a 60 so I'm not too far behind! I can't wait!
  6. by   123496
    I know i seriously cant wait to get that letter !! I am so excited the wait is going to kill me.
  7. by   Ahanna7
    I know! March needs to hurry up!

    Make sure you check your Hawkmail account every day in March or a little before because I don't think there will be any letters mailed out.
  8. by   123496
    thanks for the tip !! I get my Hawkmail forwarded to my Gmail account cause i always forget to check it
  9. by   dede93
    Applied January 30th, so anxious to find out
  10. by   123496
    I'm so excited i can hardly wait !
  11. by   dede93
    When I submitted my application for fall 2017, Julie informed me they will send out a invitation via mail and to our hawmail account. Also, she did say we will know by the end of February or first week or two in March.

    And here I'm refreshing my email a million times lol
  12. by   123496
    Im doing the same thing she told me by mid march i can hardly contain my self lol. I look forward to meeting everyone when we get our acceptance invitation (i have faith lol) we should meet up
  13. by   Ahanna7
    I got accepted! I was so happy to get this e-mail! YAY!

    Dear Future Nursing Student:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted into the Henry Ford College Nursing Program in August 2017! Please respond to this email invitation no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to accept or decline your seat in the program; include your student name and HFC ID number in the email response.
  14. by   123496
    Congrats to you !!! I got mine as well !! Accepted :-)