Henry Ford Hospital vs. Providence Hospital

  1. I will be graduating in May 2007, and would like to know the opinions of those who have been or are currently at one or both of these hospitals. I would like to know graduate salaries, how long are the orientations, good preceptor or not, computer charting availabilty, benefits, are you happy there or not, and why. Thank You
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  3. by   pedsnurze1
    Hi There,
    Which program will you be graduating from?
  4. by   nrsang97
    Try checking out the benefit packages on each hospital website. www.henryford.com and go to carrers. I think for Providence is part of St.John health system. I currently work at Henry Ford (Detroit campus) and I got a 10 week orientation (exp nurse new to ICU) and all new nurses got a 12 week orientation. I had 2 great preceptors (one for days and nights) and the ones I worked with when they weren't available were great. Everyone is helpful and willing to help with a skill I am not famillar with. If you are going for a ICU position Make sure you get a 8-12 week orientation and also a critical care class. Both are good hospitals. I also suggest getting a position as a nurse extern or nurse aide before you graduate.
  5. by   rn2bn07
    Thank you for 2 responses, I am graduating from the ADN at OCC in May 2007. I currently work at Providence as a nurse tech since May of 06' on med/surg floor (they pull me often to different floors, I hate that). And I also work at Henry Ford Hospital in the PACU, I love it, but the pay is much lower than Providence.