Henry Ford Community College

  1. I'm currently on their waiting list and the school keeps telling me they have no idea if I'll get into the RN program this fall, this winter, or next fall. It's frustrating trying to make plans! Anybody going thru this like me? I'm accepted into the Fall 2005 Schoolcraft program, but if I can get into HFCC's THIS fall, I'd be thrilled.
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  3. by   tmitch
    I have just finished my prereqs at HFCC for a BSN program. I had considered applying to HFCC, but I have heard all about their waiting list. I don't want to discourage you, but I think Fall 2004 admission is already set. I hope all goes well for you.
  4. by   caffine addict
    Im a HFCC grad from about 8 yrs ago. Took a whole 2 yrs of pre reqs while on wait list. Boy things never change. The Edu was worth the wait. My sis graduated from Schoolcraft just over a year ago and she reported a good experience as well. Good lock to you with which ever you choose.