Has anyone taken Microbiology (pathogenic) at MCC?

  1. I need to get this course done either over the summer or next fall. I'd love to take the accelerated summer class if it's offered during a time that works for me (last summer they only had early classes). Has anyone had the accelerated course? Is it horribly tough? Can anyone recommend which professors to try to get or avoid? TIA!
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  3. by   love2barn
    Hi MiKelly,

    I was just speaking about this with Becky that works in the learning center at Center Campus. She said they actually have more students that get A's in the summer semester for Micro and A&P. Right now I have A&P and was thinking about taking Micro in summer, but I don't think 4 hrs/day, 4 days/wk will work with my schedule. She did recommend a prof Joe M. (not sure of last name).
  4. by   MIKelly
    My A&P professor (who I also had for nutrition) had told me her summer students tend to have higher grades than the regular semester ones. I actually signed up for it last summer (A&P) but then dropped it when I realized the schedule would wreak havoc with my family. I'd really like to get it done in 6 wks if I could, though. Now that I've already applied for 2007 my GPA can take a little knocking if Micro kicks my butt . I like not having to schedule winter vacations around school! Of course if I get into the nursing program they will own me ! I had heard that Dr Joe was a good professor for Micro (his last name is Michaelwicz). He is my top choice, if his class schedule works for me. There's another professor at South Campus that got good reviews on ratemyprofessor.com. (Hoffman).