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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if any one works at Harper. If so do you know what the starting pay for GN is? I was told 23.40. I was looking to apply there as a Grad Nurse. So I am just curious as to how the hospital is as far as their benefits, orientation just the hospital itself overall. I did clinicals there and really enjoyed it. So if anyone has
    any input that would be great Thanks alot
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  3. by   mariasmomma
    I work for Wayne State School of Medicine in the DMC complex and I really love the DMC hospital system. I think the amount you gave for pay is in the right area for an entry-level staff nurse, it seems like you would get more as a grad nurse but I'm not sure. The great thing about Harper/DMC is that you can move easily within the DMC, keep your pay level, seniority, etc. I'm not a nurse (yet, start accel. school in fall) but I know a lot of nurses here and have asked a LOT of questions because I would like to work at the DMC when I graduate. I've also been told that they really focus on evidence based nursing (which is not true of every hospital in the metro region) and that everything is electronic (including phys. orders). Their computer system has been up and running for a while now unlike other hospitals who have newer systems or are just now moving to a full electronic system. That's all I can think of now...
  4. by   shayla919
    Thank you Mariasmomma. Well I will see how Harper is I will be starting there next month. I am pretty excited. Good luck to you with the start of your Nursing Journey!!!
  5. by   mariasmomma
    Awesome! Good luck and let me know how you like it.
  6. by   resilientnurse
    Dear shayla919,

    Are you still at Harper? Do you like it?