Grand Rapids Pre-Nursing Students?

  1. Hello out there!
    I have my B.A. in another field, and have decided to make the career move to nursing. Anyone out there from Grand Rapids with any advice?
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  3. by   dskbng
    Hi I have been a nurse for 5 years and have just moved to grand rapids about 6-7 months ago. I feel the pay for nurses here sucks! But there are plenty of job opportunities and Nursing is a great field to get in to because no matter where you go - l've lived in charlotte nc, ohio, and va/dc you will always have a job though some states pay better than others ha ha. Good luck to ya. I currently work at spectrum in the cardiac unit.
  4. by   psalm
    ...advice? Get a part-time or volunteer job at a hospital to see if you really want to change your career. Being around the action will give you a better feel for what really goes on.

    ...obviously, get some career counseling at the local colleges that have nursing programs. Some of your credits are usable: history, english, maybe some math, some electives. Ask to shadow a nurse or two. If possible, shadow on more than day shift and on more than one floor. If you are interested in a particular field, ie, OB, surgery, med/surg, ER,neuro, cardiac, dialysis, OR, request those floors...or a nursing home for care of the elderly. If you are interested in psych, I don't think you can shadow because of confidentiality.

    ...what is your profession now that you are thinking of changing? Anything related with healthcare? It is hard work to be a nurse, so be ready for your brain to go numb with so much studying. Good luck and let us know how it works out.