Everest part time GR program?

  1. I have a meeting and I'm really interested in this program, but concerned about the clinical portion. From what I was told the classes can be done in the evening 5:30-10:30 which works out perfect for me, but couldn't get a firm commit on times for the clinical portion. I've been to nursing school before and what has always held me back is early morning clinicals. It is next to impossible for me to find reliable child care for early hours like that. I really need clinicals that fall during evening or weekends to make this work. I could actually do the program full time if it was a night/evening/weekend option (maybe). Anyhow, I might be able to make things work with one day a week clinicals if I can figure out child care, but it would just be so much easier for a night clinical rotation. Has anyone gone to the GR locations? Anyone have any experience with the time for clinicals for the PT options? What about the FT program?
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