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Hi Everyone, I was just admitted into Eastern's Second Degree BSN program that starts Fall 2009!!!!! Anyone else out there? ~D :)... Read More

  1. by   wjohns13
    I was called a week before orientation in August and told me to come, when I got there I was then told I had a spot in the program. There were some on the alternate list who were called, but the rest were called and told to show up. I know it can be nerve wracking but keep your head up and don't give up hope. What makes you mad is when a person who got in decides 4-5 weeks into the semester that this isn't for them, because that spot could have been filled by an alternate. This is why I say think long and hard before excepting a position in this program because it is time intensive. I'm always here if you guys need advice.
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  2. by   Nicole1224
    hi! i am going to be a senior at u of m this fall and i want to apply to emu's second degree program. their website does not offer much information about the program, so i will be attending an info session in august. does anyone know when their cohorts start? do they only have 1 cohort going on at a time? or does a new one start every fall? also, when was the application available, and when is the deadline? i'd appreciate it if anyone could fill me in a little more about the admissions process. thank you!!
  3. by   wjohns13
    Well we didn't start our nursing classes, meaning Nur208/209, Nur220 until January 08, but the sememster before that we had to take patho, micro, and pharm. They only have 1 cohort at a time. The application deadline was May 15 I believe or something like that, so they have already admitted their new class for this year. If your interested in applying you probably will have to submit an application in 2010. The application is available online, however the process has changed slightly than when we applied. Our admission was based soley on the 8 pre-requisite classes. I think now there are other things they consider, but another student who is starting this fall could probably explain more. Good luck to you.
  4. by   mkach
    congrats on making it into the 2nd degree program. I will be starting the traditional program in the fall at EMU.
  5. by   wannabeanurse84
    Sweet! Congrats!
  6. by   mjmiller525
    Hi All,
    I graduated in EMU's first accelerated group with WJohns13.. Whats up girl?? lol
    Anyway, what she said is all true. We were the guinea pigs so they may do things differently for you all. Yes, we literally pulled our scheduled out of a hat. The program is insanely intense. But if you are smart enough to get in, then you are smart enough to graduate. You just have to put forth the effort. Make sure you get your flu shot because you can't missing ANYTHING!! I was one of the people who worked throughout the program. I only worked 8 hours a week and that was too much. If you have to work 40 hours a week then I wouldn't even bother going this 2nd degree route. You will be introduced to a completely different way of thinking and test taking. Make sure you have a strong support system at home because you will need it! You do most of your classes in 7.5 weeks. By the end of the program you will have written somewhere around 50 papers (including care plans..and if you don't know what that is, you will find out soon enough) , 8+ group projects, and thousands of pages of reading. One piece of advice: You are all here for the same reason. There is no more competition. Use each other for support. You will cry together, laugh together and probably fight together. But in the end you will all be best friends. You will spend most of your hours each week with your peers. Do not be mean to each other. Nursing is about teamwork. Out of 26 graduates, 25 of us received honors and about 75% were inducted into Sigma Theta Tau. At this time, we have a 100% NCLEX pass rate (only a few people left to take it). Put forth the effort and you will be fine. This was the best decision I could have made. Walking across that stage during the Pinning Ceremony made everything worth it. I'm an RN and I love my job! You will all succeed and it's not as bad as everyone says it is.
  7. by   wjohns13
    Yep Melissa you said it girl! Listen to her, you'll find out soon enough when you get that email with the syllabus for Nur208 and its 65 pages long (no seriously it was 65 pages long) this is not something for someone who is not willing to put in the long hours, because as my homegirl stated there is no missing clinical, and if it is you should have like a really good reason, but if I were you I just would not miss, its too much of a hassle to make up the hours.

    I don't envy you guys at all, cause I know what your about to go through. I am still in recovery mode. The reality that I don't have anything due or a test or quiz to study for is finally setting in, and life is returning to normal. Its worth it I love my job, and I am glad I did it. Good luck to you all once again.
  8. by   MelBell2005
    You both are so encouraging and supportive! I just hope I get to see that 65 page syllabus, since i am still on the alternate list, however, I just finished up that packet of stuff to do like the physical and CPR stuff, just in case I get that phone call to start in sept.
  9. by   wannabeanurse84
    Thanks for all the good advice and info!!!! I do have a question concerning the NCLEX....when did you guys start studying for the NCLEX? Did you take a class after the program finished? Did you study for it during the program? My first semester in the program is only 5 credits, I got out of patho and micro. I'll probably get out pharm too (which is 2nd semester). I was hoping to reteach myself pharm and patho this Fall since my sched is soo light.
  10. by   mjmiller525
    If anyone wants to see the syllabus I think I still have it. Give me your email address and I'll send it. I started studying for NCLEX middle of May. I took the class that EMU puts on. It was good and I recommend it. I also recommend getting the Kaplan book. Don't bother even trying to study for it during the program. You won't have time. You will have plenty of time to study after you graduate. Enjoy the 5 credits while you can. The winter semester will kill you. Honestly though, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. You will be fine!
  11. by   wjohns13
    Yep for me it was the same as well. I didn't start studying until after I had graduated, and then I lounged around for 3 or 5 weeks. Then I got serious and started studying. I agree don't bother studying until after your finished because it will be pointless. I too had a light semester that first one, as I didn't have to take pharm or patho. But that is not really when the program starts, the program does not start until you have Nur208. I took both the NCLEX prep course as well as the Virtual ATI NCLEX prep, although the ATI didn't really work for me. You guys will get real familiar with ATI, have fun with that.
  12. by   wannabeanurse84
    Again, Thank you for all your wonderful advice
  13. by   wannabeanurse84
    Hey ladies,

    I had a few more questions if you don't mind....

    1) What would you recommend ordering from the SNA? Nursing equipment wise. I already own a bp cuff and steth.....the SNA recommended a clipboard, pen light, scissors.......did you guys order any of this?

    2) Do you have any nursing books you want to sell? I'd probably have to contact you each semester to make sure the same books are being used....just let me know

    3) How far did you guys have to drive for clinicals? Are most clinicals at UM/St. Joes....or elsewhere?