Do LPN's striclty work in LTC's?

  1. Can anyone tell me if the is a market for LPN's in Michigan. What is an LPN role in a hospital? Are LPN's strictly used in LTC's? Do Michigan LPN's need to be IV certified?

    So many questions. I will be starting the professional track of my LPN program in the fall. My original idea was to continue my education by doing the LPN to RN program at OCC. Now, I am considering just getting my LPN and going to work. Does anyone have any information that may help me to make a more informed decision?

    Thank you
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  3. by   UMichSCN07
    I have yet to see LPNs in-hospital, but neither have I been looking for them. They are used quite extensively in the outpatient office setting, so you certainly aren't limited to LTCs. I have no clue about IV certification, but I look at it this way: it certainly can't hurt to have it, but be aware you may not use it in whatever setting you land in. You might consider working for a little bit before going back for your RN, especially because you may find an employer that would offer financial assistance to you for your LPN to RN schooling.

    Mike in Michigan
  4. by   Sirena922
    St. John Macomb Hospital hiring LPN's. I seen it on their career website. The pay range was $16-$21. Good luck!