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I applied to U of M 2nd degree program. I have been taking pre-reqs for about 2 yrs (work full time so can only take 2 classes a semester). Had to take all the sciences - gen. biol, gen chem, A&P I... Read More

  1. by   nurselizk
    I can't speak for how it is currently. The year I applied and was accepted, there were over 250 applicants for 24 positions. The website said letters of rec were not necessary, but the Second Career Office said they were valuable. In a program that small, a physician or influential donor's 'favorite' can't slide in and displace a more qualified applicant.
  2. by   Dabuggy
    That was well stated, thank you.

  3. by   BerthaRN
    Hi there...I'm jealous of your GPA Anyway, I have applied to Oakland University for their accelerated program. I have taken pre-req's since the spring and now have all requirements satisfied (with this semester included). I have applied for May....but I don't believe I will get in. However, the cool thing is they have rolling enrollment, so if you are denied one program, you have top priority for the next program. From what I understand, they had 90 applicants for the January program....they took 55. The remainder, if they qualified are already admitted to the May program (that's the other cool thing, they have 2 programs per year). Anyway, there are now only about 20 spots left for May, and I have a smidge under a 3.6.....I'm pretty sure there will be 20 or so people with a higher GPA to fill those remaining spots. However, I can atleast be secure that I will be able to attend their Jan. 2008 program......it's only 8 months later anyway.

    Anyway, I would give them a try.....your GPA for entrance is only based on 5 classes, Basic PSY, Chem, Organic Chem, Bio, and Anatomy and Physiology.

    Good luck
  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    How about EMU ?
  5. by   BerthaRN
    You know what....I went to EMU's information meeting. When I signed in, they handed me a pack of information. I looked at it and decided that it was not the program for me (and I agree with the other post that said they were disorganized, because they were). It's a longer program......and I would have had to do more pre-req's.....not to mention they offer it once a year.

    It's sad too because I received my BA from EMU.....