Davenport University Fall 2009

  1. I took the HESI (95) today and sent my application. Time for the 8-10 week wait! I thought I would start a thread to see if there are any other hopefuls out there.
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  3. by   kfritz4
    I am applying to the program this as well. What campus are you applying at? Midland or Warren?
  4. by   SarahM2011
  5. by   kfritz4
    Me too. I see you did VERY well on the HESI. If you dont mind me asking what is your GPA? Did you hear anything about what the cut-off was last year?
  6. by   SarahM2011
    I have a 3.92 GPA, but that is including all of my classes from my first degree (Business). I have a 4.0 in all of the required pre-reqs. Can I ask how you did on your HESI? I didn't really know what is considered a good score. I don't know what the "cut-off" is, I really don't think there is one, specifically, I think it is just the top students. I have heard so many different things, one advisor that didn't really seem to know what he was talking about said that over 600 people applied last year, so I knew that I had to get all 4.0s and get a good grade on the HESI to try to wiggle my way into a spot.
  7. by   kfritz4
    I was told that anything better than an 80 was a good score. Of all the people that I asked in my A&P II class, only one scored in the 90's. I got an 85. I am pretty comfortable with that score. Your score and GPA are great. Im positive you will get in. I didnt do as well as I had hoped this last semester, and I am applying with a 3.7, I am soooo nervous about it. I mailed my application today, I must have checked it over a thousand times. Now I get to sit here and wait. What torture.
  8. by   SarahM2011
    I am driving my application to the registrar tomorrow. LOL. I am neurotic about knowing that it is there and safe. Sounds crazy, I know.
    I am so nervous, also. That is why I started this thread, I thought maybe some of us could do the torturous wait together!
    I hope we are classmates in the fall!
  9. by   kfritz4
    I upgraded mine to priority mail so I could have a tracking number, cost me $6 to send one little manila folder. Oh well! I guess I am just as crazy about making sure mine gets there too.
  10. by   Suns_Up2009

    I also just applied for the program and I gave serious consideration to driving that package there myself. I opted for the signed delivery. It would be great to have a group of people to wait with. Best of luck to everyone.
  11. by   Suns_Up2009
    I found last year's thread for Davenport students and I hear that the first set of acceptance letters go out in early June! After that if student's that were accepted to the program don't complete the packages or pay the $150.00 to hold their position then they start looking at their list of alternates. The alternates end up beating their heads against a wall because they don't get an acceptance letter or rejection letter until late August. Some never get notified at all. I know this is true because last year I was told that I was one of 6 people put on a list of alternates and I never received anything.
  12. by   SarahM2011
    Suns up-
    Can I ask what your GPA and HESI score is? I am trying to get a feel for the cut off, and if you were on the alternates, then you were close!
  13. by   Suns_Up
    I've been trying to respond for some time now but I had to re-register. I have a 3.64 GPA and I got and 83.5 on the hesse test but just the other day I ran into a couple of girls who got in last year with 3.5 GPA's and they only got like a 50 on the hesse test.

    I know that when you are filling out your package you have to be really careful. I asked numerous people which box I should check and was told to check the LPN RN associates degree box. This year I was told to check the LPN diploma box because the other box is for students that already have their LPN license. I was reading last years blog and RN4Life was told what I was told. Turns out she filled out the wrong application.

    They stopped giving out nursing application packets at my location but I swear now that I have printed off the forms from the internet, I don't remember some of the questions that were on the application which makes me think maybe I turned in an incomplete package and rather than upset me they told me I was an alternate. Just a guess.
  14. by   goodgalpal

    I have applied for the Davenport Warren Campus. My gpa is 3.77 and HESI is 81.17..... Hand delivered my application to Grand Rapids. The woman that opened it said that my application looked promising.

    Originally I had checked the PN-RN associates box, but since I was nervous that it was the wrong thing I filled out a new application before turning mine in and changed it to PN diploma. However, on my rec ltrs it still is going to say PN-RN. I did write a letter that I included with my packet that explained why it has two different programs showing.

    Anyone else applying to the Warren campus?

    Good luck to all!