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  1. Hi! Looking for some advice about interviewing with potential colleges. I am pursuing an ABSN and ultimately, my goal is to become a CRNA. I have heard from a lot of different people that I should not bring this up in either my ABSN interview or when interviewing for a job. Is this true? I always thought that employers and universities wanted to know that you had goals beyond just performing the status quo? I have also heard that university nursing school panels are somewhat put off by students wanting to pursue CRNA degrees, because they think that the student doesn't value core nursing as a career and that the student is just in it for the money.

    As far as I know the only path to becoming a CRNA is BSN (with a high GPA), to ICU... and then at least 1-2 years ICU experience, before applying to a 28 month program... If this is truly the only option, then why are potential students looked down upon for verbalizing their goals up front? Will sharing my goals hurt my chances of getting in to particular universities? Currently I plan on applying to OU, MSU, and Mercy.

    Feedback and guidance is much appreciated!
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  3. by   Engineer933
    hi 'kvisintine',
    i read a different post by you that you were an ex-engineer. i am currently an engineer working in afghanistan (live in sc when i'm not here) and i have been thinking of presuing a career as a crna. i too have done a lot of research like yourself before i go and make a final decision. i know i have some pre-req classes i have to take before i can do my accelerated bsn (16month program). work icu for 1 year. then do my crna program for the next 28 months. i was wondering how your progress is going? are you still happy with your decision? i know we can not anticipate everything in life so was there any unforeseen obstacles that you encountered? thanks for your feedback. - current engineer.
  4. by   NPotter

    I just started a nursing program, with the ultimate goal of becoming a CRNA as well. I've actually been told by two CRNAs that I used to work with to keep those aspirations quiet. They said that the professors make it much harder on you if you tell them. Why? I'm not sure. They both graduated long ago, so it may be different now, but I know that I'm going to play it safe and keep that goal under lock and key just in case.
  5. by   kvisintine
    Hello! NPotter, over the past year I have discussed this with many folks, and I agree this is a goal that I will keep to myself ;-)

    Engineer933... thanks for asking how things are going. It has been a slow process! I am still an engineer, and with my work schedule, I can only manage to take one pre-req course a semester. I should have been done in May, but had to drop my last class (organic chem), because of a 2 week business trip to China (my professor would not let me make up an exam I would have missed). So, I am retaking organic this fall and plan to apply for the ABSN programs in Michigan this winter.

    Most ABSN programs up here are 12 months long, and once you are accepted there is usually a 12 month wait before you get into the program... so if all goes well, then I should be entering a program in May 2013.

    I think the hardest thing for me has been staying focused and juggling a full schedule personally and professionally. As I mentioned, I still work full time as an engineer and travel for work often (my company is based out of SC). I cannot explain to my employer that I need to leave an after hours meeting early, or put off travel plans because of school... because they do not know I plan to change careers. I am also a wife and mom of 2 very active little boys (ages 5 and 7)... between elementary school activities, sports and my husbands travel schedule (he is also a engineer/ project manager), work and my classes life is very busy. I sometimes get discouraged that I started this path in 2009, and my BSN will not be completed until 2014... add another 3-4 years for the CRNA program and ICU experience, and I will be 48 years old before I am done.... ughhhh ;-(

    The thing that keeps me focused is the fact that I know this is really what I want to do, and even though I will be in my late 40's, I will still have a good 20 years of work ahead of me (thats a whole 2nd career!). I just wish I would have figured that out 20 years ago, when I was in school the first time, lol!