CNA/PCT training and job help

  1. Hi i am new to this site and just getting started in the nursing field. I live in southeast michigan and i am wondering where to go to get trained to be a nurse assistant? I know washtenaw cc has a program but at the moment nearly all the sections are waitlisted. The only place i can find near me is henry ford cc. There na program is five weeks long which is fine but wcc is only three weeks? Any other sugestions of other places to get trained?

    A few other questions: Is it required that you become a cna in order to be a pct?

    Can you basicly only get a na a job in a nursing home? I am hoping to try to get a job in a hospital after i get trained but i am not coming across alot of job postings for hospital cna's only pca/pcts.

    Also i would appreciate any cna/pcts letting me know what their job is like-what your day on job is like, skills you perform, pay, ect. Any help or info is appreciated! I am new to the medical field. Thanks
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  3. by   MrsClarkRN
    I am not sure about cna trainings in your area. I just searched on Google and found a lot in my area. (Southfield)

    NA's work in hospitals also. Oakwood, Henry Ford, Beaumont, St. John, all have NA postings. There are no NA's at DMC just PCAs. I just got hired at Beaumont myself :-) I don't start until the first so I can't give you any details yet! I've also worked in home care for'll find a lot of opportunities as a NA!
  4. by   jen48823
    Are you currently in a nursing program. If so, after completing Foundations and the clinicals associated with it, you can contact the licensing agency and they will let you sit for the CNA examination.