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I cannot wait to move up north to Michigan!!! This may come as a surprise, but I live in "beautiful, sunny Florida." I've lived here almost thirty years. Now I know the following may seem... Read More

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    Quote from CarolineRn
    I cannot wait to move up north to Michigan!!!
    This may come as a surprise, but I live in "beautiful, sunny Florida." I've lived here almost thirty years.
    Now I know the following may seem offensive to some, but this is coming from an almost native who has even raised her children in the sunshine state. Take it from someone who's grown up and raised her kids here...
    Florida SUCKS!
    Forget what you've heard about retirees and this being an "old persons" state. FL is now peopled with everyone who hates the cold-- and that's a considerable amount of people.
    We have people from all over the world here now, and most of them are *not* retirees. They bring with them their driving skills (Oh--My--GAWD) and their reluctance and /or dislike for the neighborly hospitality I grew up with. (when FL was still small-time)
    They bring with them the attitude that nothing in FL can ever compare to their way of living "Up North."
    They bring with them the notion that people from the south are all "Slower" and that Floridians are so backwards and in needing of northern help that we don't know what the hell a "pop" is. (You may find one or two, but dont count on laughing too much)
    The thing that those people looking to move to FL need to know is that nowadays about 95% of the people they will encounter in this state are from other states, and when I grew up here-- making forts in the woods that held palmetto brush and palms but now hold high-rises and apartment complexes, most people were natives. But now, don't expect small-town values for your kids. And don't expect any form of southern hopsitality from your probable New York City/LA intoverted neighbors.
    This state (FL) has changed so much, and has developed so much, that I cannot wait to return to the state in which I was born.
    I know that the whole "fast-paced" life exists everywhere these days, but I suspect that in MIchigan, I'll deal with people who have a certain way of life in which I can quickly adapt to-- not a mismash of people who all bring their own way of life and expect everyone else to adapt to, or else ostrasize them.

    I guess this post is kind of my swan-sing to Florida--- the once beautiful place where I grew up, because despite what anyone tells you, living here sucks. Fl is now a "Great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live there" state.
    The traffic here alone makes one nuts. I would much rather drive 15 miles in the snow and ice than drive 15 minutes of stop and go inner city traffic with a "Q-tip" (Come visit, you'll know whar I mean) leading the way any day. Plus, during season a drive that normally takes 5 mins is increased to 15. NO LIE! I live it. The roads are simply not equipped.
    Screw it all. I'll vacation in Fl, but at least in MI, I know my neighbors (for the most part) have common sense, compassion, and still know their neighb ors.
    Where I am now, I could be screaming in pain and nobody would respond. That's how neighborly people here in FL are.

    But man, FL used to be so nice.

    I have lived in Michigan over 30 years. One of my friends moved down to Fla. about 4 years ago. She absolutely hates it. She wants to come back home to Michigan. With the reports on the news as of late, Florida has become quite the lawless state these days. If you want country life in Michigan live in a rural area. I live outside of Detroit and we have similar problems here that you are describing there. It is also very diverse in cultures and people. Good luck, let us know how it all turns out for you.